The Jelly Bean Root for Android 4.3 Comes from The Hand of Chainfire

It was a matter of time and this time they have only needed one week. With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One Edition Google Play, appeared a new version of Android without making too much noise: Jelly Bean 4.3. At the moment only available for these two models.

Indeed, it makes sense that it has been so discreet that simply corrects some details and adds nothing particularly relevant. However, this has not been an impediment so that the community put hands to work and get root this version.

Chainfire, one of the most active users of the community and that it has brought many applications for Samsung smartphones, has launched a zip so we can root the Samsung Galaxy S4 Edition Google Play and by extension any terminal with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean pure.

The author says that the root is operational without any problem and that has only had to make a few changes in your application so that it works without a problem. Certainly a good news for users of applications like Titanium Backup, Tasker, etc.

Although the installation process is not particularly complex, better to check everything carefully and remember that make root may invalidate the warranty of the terminal, although it is always as easy as back to the stock ROM before sent to the technical service of the manufacturer in question.