The Snapback Dresses Of Pantheone

Today, we play times wrong world and use baseball caps as BH cups. Are you mad? Yes exactly and as good as the Paris label Pantheone proves.

The best in fashion is and remains the surprise effect. When clothing is able to produce something unexpected, it is always a small aha experience, which makes us wonder. One would like to think that in times when a new label spills every few minutes, it is difficult to surprise with unprecedented new ideas. But do not go, there is simply not in the fashion and so I have a few days ago filled with excitement through the picture gallery of the Paris label Pantheone, which is mainly devoted to an accessory in a meaningful detail: the snap back.

What the designer collective, consisting of a group of girls, as the picture area brings, I find quite unique. According to Stunnerdresses, dresses and jumpsuits that combine the retro style of a pin-up with the street style of a girl gang. Haute Couture just different. Each individual piece of clothing from the tailor’s workshop of Pantheone is made up of countless caps and thus receives its characteristic modeled form.

The concept is so good and special, that a whole lot of companies have collaborated with the girls. For example, adidas Originals, Kenzo, East pack and New Era made Pantheone special designs that celebrate the baseball cap in its purest form. Whether the results are ultimately considered as art, costume or fashion is a matter of opinion. To date, Pantheone’s snap back dresses have been custom-made, most of which are presented in colorful performances by dancers. Whether on the beach, in clubs or on high-rise buildings, the unusual locations are just right for the fashion of the Parisian girls. In the slide show you get a small taste of the imaginative shows.

And how could it be different, of course we have also selected a few snap backs for you. Put them on the head, cut them apart, or let them think of something special. As you can see so much is possible!