The Teenager Also Have Brands With Ondita

If your only concern in life is having nothing to wear (but your closet bursts of clothing) your lifestyle and staff among other things important zero but for you are everything, then… you’re teenager! or chavoruco, osease, adult teen complex.

Have lots of clothes in your closet, does not have style; If you’re a girl or guy I likes the urban ondita, surf, sporty… but with the condition feel comod @ and cool then these brands are great for you.

Vans, quintessential urban brand has what we like to many the Vans! It could be categorized as a tennis-shoe but is unique, and the easiest thing in the world, has a thousand styles, colors and textures; In addition, Vans has done collaborations with artists such as Murakami, Taka Hayashi and Huichol tribes, also with big brands between Star Wars and Disney favorite.

The Teenager Also Have Brands With Ondita 1

What many do not know, Vans Hermes made a collaboration, nothing more and nothing less than with the luxury brand, this edition was an exclusive order made by the Robert Verdi image consultant to Vans, achieving that they manufactured unique designs of the Vans with designs from his personal collection of scarves Hermes, to thus be able to combine them with each; It is a pity that these designs have not been released, but Vans people mention that, that job gave them an idea to venture into projects with new collaborations.

The best of Vans is that we also have clothes quite father who adapts to our “busy” lifestyle is ideal for school.

Fan of surf, skate and snowboard? Quiksilver is one combining functionality, fit, art and fashion to develop clothing for lovers of the mountain and the sea throughout the world; but it is not only clothing, Quiksilver is a way of life.

The Teenager Also Have Brands With Ondita 2

The true identity of Quiksilver is committed to benefit and improve the quality of life of communities in marginalized throughout the world by supporting projects related to youth, the environment, education and health.

Roxy is the female version of Quiksilver, and although they do not believe it was the first brand that launched of surf clothing for girls positioning itself as the best; promoting water sports events, mountain and snow girl carrying the brand as a standard of lifestyle, I must confess to you that I am a super fan of swimsuits, but above all the spirit of the Roxy girls: Inimitable, naturally beautiful, fun and alive.

The Converse, they are the most comfortable thing in the universe and also look cool, although I have a friend that whenever I see them scolds me saying: “If you use, at least wash them” the truth is that I don’t not think what to do, it would take them part of his personality! or am I wrong? For a little more than 100 years if 100 years! Converse has been characterized by the spirit of rebellion and originality in the field of sports and music, feeling a great deal of respect for those who try to improve them. In addition they also have very ondita, with special editions from Frida Kahlo, Dr. Seuss, Andy Warhol and Martin Margiela.

The Teenager Also Have Brands With Ondita 3

So you know, not only it is to have a closet bursting with clothing, we reflect our lifestyle and personality through fashion. Remember! Invitations, comments, complaints, suggestions, greetings, gifts; write me at our site, visit my blog our site if you liked them, like on Facebook: our site DressingBrands and step follow me on Twitter our site