The Xunta De Galicia Officially Ask Google Android Translation into Galician

Living turbulent times in Spain, is to risk bringing up movements of any administration, but we are going to push us to the pool this time, since few times Governments remind us that we live in the era of the Internet rather than to buy iPhones and iPads for members.

In this case the news comes from the Xunta de Galicia, in the framework of the Plan of FOSS 2013 becomes the first administration to officially requested to Google translation of Android to a language, in this case the Galician.

Who has made such a request to the search engine giant is the Agency for the technological modernization of Galicia (Amtega), in collaboration with the General Secretariat of linguistic policy of the community, looking for that this operating system based on free software is available in Galician official form for those who so wish, regardless of the terminal used.

It should be remembered that Google Translator now has support for the Galician language, and that most terminals from leading manufacturers can also be configured in this language, while Android is not officially translated.

We’ll see over time if Android learn more languages that are spoken in the Iberian peninsula, or if conversely Google ignores the request and all of this is in water of Borage.