They Compare The Two Generations of BlackBerry Storm in a Nice Video

Someone with the pseudonym Salomondrin has risen to YouTube a video where he makes an interesting and nice comparison between the two touch phones of the company RIM, the BlackBerry Storm in two generations.

It is necessary to remember that the BlackBerry Storm 2 is not announced formally by the Canadian company, but we’ve seen it more than once, he has even appeared in videos and read impressions about it, this time the confrontation clarifies some details already mentioned previously.

As expected, in the different sections dealing with, the Second Edition is superior to the original, and although not a revolution, I suppose is not surprising who before his imminent departure to the market, the American operator Verizon It has lowered the price of the first Storm up to $50.

If you can not see the video, I commented the different points, to see if they help you to determine if the change of generation is worth:

  • Storm 2 has with WiFi connectivity, in the first model needed.
  • Storm 2 has more internal memory, in the first edition we had 54 MB available for applications and 880 MB for the terminal, in the case of the Storm 2 have 139 MB for apps and 1.8 GB for the device.
  • Best camera, I know that it is not a section that you can test as to the light, but the user assures us that the Chamber of the new edition is substantially higher, something not very difficult, since they did a good job with the original module.
  • Storm 2 has best look, This is a fairly subjective factor, both have a similar size, but with slight aesthetic differences, as that you buttons now they are integrated into the display, the construction seems somewhat better.
  • Technology SurePress seems more effective in the new model, allowing to write faster, it seems that we must believe us the opinion of the tester, at least in test leaves no doubt in this regard.
  • Again we must rely on the mysterious user, and the Storm 2 is faster than her older sister, the menus appear faster and capture photos and videos looks more fluid, which can be a further optimization or by improvements in the hardware, we will see.

A few days ago we had the opportunity to see a video of similar characteristics, where we could also see a great explanation about unique multi-touch technology that opens the device, named as Piezo, you refresh rate memory:

Update:RIM took an important decision with the introduction of the technology SurePress in the BlackBerry Storm, it somehow provided us the feeling of being by pressing a button, rather than a touch screen, the BlackBerry Storm original.

The idea and implementation has not been exempt from complaints, but it is also true that as the time has passed the users have been adapting, yet it seems that RIM has not fallen on deaf ears and It is possible that this option can be switched off in the new model, in fact so we can see it in a new video of the user Salomondrin, who until yesterday was visible, but have apparently been deleting every version of it released by the network. Anyway, if you trust in me, I assure you that it is true, by that I’ve seen.

Finally I leave you with a video in which Salomondrin makes us a demonstration of how quickly that you can write with the new BlackBerry Storm: