Tip! Which Bottle to Choose to Ride!

Bottled water is one of those things that you just have to have when you want to enter the world of cycling. Bottles usually come in two sizes: 750 ml or 500 ml. They also come in two basic types: isolated and non-isolated (insulated allows water gets cold and reduces condensation).

You can use a small bottle (500 ml) of water per hour on a hot day-more on hot days and a little less on cold days, so plan accordingly. Longer trips usually require more stops for water. In the cerrado, for example, often use more than one big bottle (750 ml) per hour on a hot day, so take 2 big bottles and I program for refuelling.

You may want to add electrolytes or carbohydrates for your water bottle. Then read our article about How to make your clean water bottle based on information from BICYCLEBAZZAR.

Recommend definitely isolated type bottles. They keep your cold water for longer, especially for daytime pedal, cold water is very important to me. I don’t know the science behind it, but I definitely have a better performance if the water is colder.

Another thing that I recommend is the CamelBak bottle top. They have a valve that lets you simply squeeze the water in your mouth. No other operation is required. All other bottle caps require you to pull the nozzle first, so the valve opens, before you drink the water. 1 time you accidentally hit the top with his teeth, closing it again, which can be very unpleasant, especially when you’re trying to pedal!

I have found that I can put a CamelBak cover in my other bottles, Polar for example, converting the beak of these bottles instantly.