Tips For Creating a Sports Apparel Store in Colombia

The fitness market is in growing expansion in Latin America. In this scenario, there are several interesting opportunities for those who want to undertake. An option that can be profitable is the focus on articles for the practice of physical exercises, such as the sportswear in Colombia.

But why Open a clothing store in Colombia sports, and not in another country in Latin America? According to a report by 2012 of the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), the fitness business generates more than $ $5.5 billion per year on the Mainland, of which $ $220 million is coming from the country.

So, how to take advantage of this trend fitness and betting on a market niche?

How to open a sports apparel store in Colombia

If you’re meant to open a sports clothing store in Colombia, but has no experience in the business world, see below for some tips. Good luck!

Market study

So you increase the chances of success of the project, it is necessary to do a market study before opening the store. Evaluate the competition and consumer profile that you want to achieve. Analyze the peculiarities of the market and try to find loopholes that were not filled by other companies – there might be good opportunities to innovate.

Target audience

In order to evaluate the profile of consumers, you must define the target audience of your future company. Shopping Profile, preferences, tastes and behavior of people come into play and are factors about which you should be aware. Are predominantly men, women, children? Which age group and social class they belong to?

Knowing these particularities, it will be easier to target your business keeping in mind the features of the public.

Category of clothes

Time to mount a sports clothing store like, you need to define the category of products you want to sell. Your company can market clothes for specific sports, such as cycling, swimming, or just general articles, such as clothes that are for any physical activity. Or, who knows, add all this.


The location plays a key role in sales. That’s why you should set up shop in a location where the target audience is present. Identify places where the physical activities are common among the people you want to reach. It is also essential to choose a point of easy access to customers.

Marketing plan

As there is strong competition in the fitness business, it is essential to create a marketing plan to launch your business. It’s the only way she will become known among the public and, consequently, will have more success in sales.

Define what you must do for the dissemination of business. Presence in social networks, creating a Web site and promotions are good alternatives to include in the plan.

Competitive differential

You must stand out from the competition to succeed. So must know her very well. Afterwards, will be able to think of a competitive differential, which makes your company unique and best. In addition to the physical store, possess an e-commerce, for example, is a way to achieve notability.

Putting these steps into practice, you will have a better chance to thrive with the sports clothing store. If you enjoyed these tips, share the text with friends on social networks. Take a moment to leave a comment on the page with questions and suggestions on the subject.