Tips on Younger or Older Makeup

We are very satisfied with our age only rarely.Some women try to do something older, only to be asked at the beginning of the 20th not more embarrassed after the pass.Other women, with almost 40 years of age, try all their tricks to look younger and look forward to being more appreciated by others.The thing with the optical age is sometimes not so easy.It is not so difficult to paint his own age.

How can you dress up younger?Or what tricks are there when you want to dress up older?If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, then you are exactly right here! Here you get tips based on SOURCEMAKEUP, how you can cheat with a makeup at your age.

1. Tips for younger make-up

As a rule, the women who have discovered the first disturbing wrinkles are more likely to dress up as disciples.Bright accents help to radiate the complexion.This can be done, for example, with a concealer, which is taped into the wrists, the nasolabial folds and the inner corner of the eye.As foundations, tinted day creams or make-ups with light-reflective pigments are ideal as these make the skin appear smoother.They not only smooth the complexion, but also refine the pores of the skin.When applying make-up make sure to avoid powder make-ups, because they are wrinkled.

As the skin loses its elasticity with increasing age, the cheeks have to be strengthened again.Hanging baubles are best blended with rouge, which is applied directly to the cheekbones.This is like a small optical lifting.Furthermore, a light double chin can optically recede and become tighter by applying a little darker powder along the chin line.So this part appears more solid.

If you want to dress up younger, you should also pay attention to the eyebrows.Eyebrows become thinner and brighter with age.Well-shaped, well-defined eyebrow bows make younger and open the eye like a small eyelid lift.The eyebrows can be pulled with an eyebrow pencil to match the hair color.Unruly hairs are brushed with an eyebrow brush in shape.With the eyeshadow lighter colors tapering, which are applied sparingly.Nude tones are made for it.

When making the lips, make sure that bright colors such as rose, peach or coral are used, as these make the lips look fuller and give a youthful freshness.This is especially important in the growing age as lips become narrower with time.In addition, gloss or lipstick with a luster effect bring a wonderful glow to the lips and let the whole face radiate.Lipstick is now also available with nourishing anti-aging additives.

2. Tips for older make-up

Older make-up, especially often very young women, want to look outwardly adult.In the case of older make-up make particular emphasis on the lips.Instead of colorless lip gloss, it is recommended to use the lipstick.First of all, it is necessary to pull the lip contours exactly with a lipliner and then fill the lips with the lipstick.With narrow lips, the lip contour can be drawn with the lipliner somewhat more generously.The lipstick can still have a strong color if you want to dress up older or adult.A strong red or berry tones are ideal.

Clearly defined eyebrows and eyelashes also make an adult appear.That is, on the one hand, the eyelashes should be carefully and darkly trimmed but not sticking too thickly.This is fast and uncontrolled, instead of older and more adult.On the other hand, the eyebrows should also be combed with a brush in a high arch and, if necessary, be pulled with an eyebrow pencil.The further eye-make-up should not be chosen too gloomy, instead darker subtle colors appear more adult.Dark Smoky Eyes, for example, make a sexy, self-assured look.If you like it a little more subtly, you can also leave a more mature impression on the bright lips thanks to a precise eyelid.

As you can see, the color of the desire and the feel of the finger makes it easy to conjure the desired age visually.How practical make-up, lipstick and co can be but?