Translucent Powder: How to Use, Utilities and Tips Not to Miss

How to get makeup air of perfection necessary?

This is the question that many women make when, even with ideal products to make the make perfect, something goes wrong, not reaching the expected finalization.

Many products on the market promise miraculous solutions, but in many cases, leave skin greasy and very bright, and does not last as promised on the packaging.

But you don’t have to despair. The translucent powder is solution to any and all make perfection, in addition to being easy to apply.

What is Translucent Powder?

The translucent powder, also known as rice powder and dust finalizer is ideal to give to make the perfect finishing. Transparent, translucent powder does not add color to makeup, so there is no danger of dark skin too.

Utilities Tips to Use Without Making Mistakes

It is common to some famous wrong (and ugly) in time to use the translucent powder. That happens not to spread the right product, and by being transparent, is visible in the light of the flash.

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Not to be like that plunged his face into the flour, much less a ghost, for application of translucent powder using a brush.

Don’t let excess product on the brush and remember to spread very well through the skin. The translucent powder is a great ally of women, however, can also be its greatest villain.

Never apply the translucent powder with your fingers as it can leave residue. There are several versions of the translucent powder, depending on the brand, you can find the compact version or dust loose. Choose the one you like version, and at the time of application, choose the use of sponges or brushes.

Remember, separate a brush for use only on withdrawal of excess translucent powder.


In addition to using your fingers on the application of translucent powder, remove excess of sponge or brush before applying.

Make circular movements ascending and light. Apply all over the face. This way, you ensure that the translucent powder spread and don’t stay focused on just one point.

Not to leave residues of translucent powder on the skin after your application is important to up in smoke.

The translucent powder is ideal for those using liquid foundation. If you use powder base, opt for the use of one of the two together.

To Give Durability

The translucent powder has other purposes, although it is much used for the finalization of makeup, it is also common to give durability to Shadow.

In this case, the translucent powder acts as primer for eyes. Use a little translucent powder before applying your eye shadow. You can choose any color of shadow. With the finger spread a small portion on the eyelid.

Shadow tips for brown eyes.

Opaque Effect

The translucent powder can also be used on the lips to give the effect of opaque. You can use a creamy lipstick and turn it into mate only with the use of translucent powder.

With the tip of your fingers, apply the translucent powder giving light taps right on the lips then apply lipstick. If you prefer, remove the excess with a tissue or paper.

In addition to turning your creamy lipstick in mate, using translucent powder prolongs the effect of durability.

Dark Shadow

The dark shadows require certain care in time for its implementation, especially the black ones. Any carelessness in its application makes women look like a panda.

With the aid of a brush, apply translucent powder a little doing a thick band below the eyes. Then, apply the shadow. When you finish the application, pass the brush to remove excess of translucent powder. Remember to up in smoke right not to get any residue on their skin.

Don’t Miss the Application!

If you still have questions of how to apply translucent powder and doesn’t want to take the risk of making mistakes, there are points on the face that are ideal to apply without compromising the desired effect according to THEMAKEUPEXPLORER.

Eyes and nose cannot stand outside at the time of application of translucent powder. In the eye, pass in order to get around them, the same way in the nose. Thus, your skin will be lit.

Not to keep the skin very white in the pictures and complete the makeup with a golden key, apply blush at the time of the cheeks.