Tucano Urbano Soft Shell Ovetto: Casual Style with All the Security

Ovetto and Ovetta are new items created by the Italian brand that will help you combat the low temperatures in a comfortable way. Male and female cutting, these soft shell feature three layers and ability to insert protectors for elbows, shoulders and back.

Tucano Urbano keeps putting technology in the hands of your audience and why has created this new garment that will make it a little more bearable to near winter low temperatures. If you are one of those that you use the bike daily and prefer to dress in a casual way, this new soft shell, created male and female version, it will be perfect for you.

Although at first glance it seems a polar fleece with neoprene, this article called Ovetto, mens, and Ovetta, for women, it has three layers of high quality to combat the worst weather conditions. An expanded polyester Outer fabric, 100% waterproof and breathable membrane and a fleece interior is composed this new soft shell created by the signing of Milan.

One of the main advantages that present Ovetto and Ovetta is having different ways of using it, well under a jacket, or use it as such thanks to the possibility to insert protectors for elbows, shoulders and back. In this way, when you go down on your bike, you can dress casual look without having to carry heavy motorcycle jackets.

Both garments, both the masculine and feminine cut have hood, zippers windscreen at the wrists with opening for the thumb as well as various sizes Interior and exterior pockets. Finally, for greater visibility of the driver, the soft shell Ovetto and Ovetta incorporate reflective back inserts.