Twitter Wants to Find out If “Instant Timeline” Can Avoid Abandonment of Social Network

The Twitter has a considerable number of users who experience the social network for a short period and never return. To reduce the incidence of these cases, the company began to experience a feature called “instant timeline.” It is what tells the New York Times.

This proposal was submitted in November 2014 to the company’s investors as a weapon capable of reducing the abandonment of service for users who do not quite understand how Twitter works. The tests have recently started with a small number of new accounts accessed via Android.

The operation is simple: after completing your registration, the user accesses the timeline and see it filled with several tweets automatically selected to have something to read.

To select messages, Twitter verifies the contact list on the user’s device to identify which of them already use the service. Being known people, tweets these individuals appear in the timeline. It’s an ingenious approach, though uncomfortable from a privacy point of view.

Analyzes contextual should help further refine the suggested content: if the person contacts talk a lot about football, for example, Twitter can display retweets, sports vehicle tweets or any other post regarding the issue seen as relevant.

The company’s vision, instant timeline will help the new user not only to understand the dynamics of social network as well as the type of content that appears there. The selected messages will no longer appear as the person begins to follow more people.

Although the testing phase has just started, can you bet on the implementation of the idea. Instant timeline should decrease that “empty feeling” that the newcomer has to enter the service for the first time, as well as help those who are not sure who to follow, after all, the tweets that come here also serve to profiles recommendation.