Two Weeks with Fitbit Flex, the Bracelet That Monitors Physical Activity

The health monitoring tools are already present, and are one of the clearer trends on the market. Today we look at Fitbit Flex

At this point, is to leave a bubble to have not heard of the weareables, or wearable technology, stuff that has monopolized the recent CES in Las Vegas. In principle we think that they were only watches, but manufacturers see margin also in rings, smart clothes and bracelets. What is happening today is precisely the Fitbit Flexanalysis, a gadget doll that serves to monitor physical activity and the quality of sleep.

So the first question that should be raised is: really cares how much moves each day? Assuming that you care as much as to spend 92 euros in it, we will check if what promises to Fitbit, which is sweeping in the United States, met with Flex.

Packaging and presentation

The pack includes the gadget, two bracelets of various sizes, a Bluetooth receiver 4.0 for PC and a USB cable to recharge it. It is surprising that does not come with any software, it works entirely via the web. The only thing that is needed is make a user on and register the serial number to begin using it. Also includes a manual of instructions to use, but a diagram that refers to the website.

Fitbit Flex relies on simplicity as the workhorse. This, which is an advantage in most aspects, may disappoint in contact, offering the feeling of 90 euros in a few tiny pieces of plastic, and apparently little technology have been spent. In reality, the container is ahead of the philosophy of the product: efficiency without excesses that even more expensive device. And make no mistake, that within the Flex there is a processor, a device Bluetooth, a vibrator and a three-axis MEMS accelerometer.


The jewel in the Crown. In fact, all the mystery product resides in one nongreater capsule that a Jewish. It consists of five spots LED and connection to recharge it, as well as being perfectly insulated against water and other elements. This capsule is inserted into the bracelet, which is presented in seven different colours (black, Slate, Tangerine, turquoise, Navy, pink and pistachio), all with a smart matte finish. Only black models, slate and pink, while the other sold as plug-ins for $ 30, you can choose but it does not seem to be possible to buy them in Spain.

As we said before, Fitbit Felx is, above all, a neat gadget . Or an ornament or capricious form which could leave it out of fashion in the future. Those who bring smooth bracelets will see that it doesn’t stand out at all. The weight is also a strong point: 11 grams.


Capsule monitoring is articulated with five small lights led. Its use is optimal: serves not only to count our steps and the level of activity, but it serves as a control device. Flex offers a daily challenge measured in steps or distancia-recorrido. Thus, Pat him two, the Flex shows the activity of the day by means of lights. Each led is equivalent to 20% of the target, so that two lights are 40%, three 60% and five indicates that it has exceeded expectations.

If hit several times, the bracelet enters sleep mode. It’s a reverse posting: registered the lack of movement as hours of sleep and the small bobs as “disturbed sleep”. Finally, can be configured in vibration mode so we wake up in the morning, in what is certainly an added value of great interest if they share bed but no timetable.

Ease of use

Simply insert the capsule on the bracelet, download the program and plug in the Bluetooth receiver to a USB port on the computer to start using it. To locate the Flex close to the computer, it automatically updates the information. There is also the possibility to synchronize directly with the app for smartphones and tablets, although in these moments you can only do with a handful of devices.

We arrived at the software. Data is collected in the form of tables and bar graphs, doing simple understanding of the days of more activity and trends. In a single screenshot we can see the activity of the last month, the steps tours today, the number of calories consumed, distance, minutes of high activity (exercise), the sleep time and even glasses of water consumed (this data, such as the control of food, has to provide manually).

In any case, are little ambitious statistics. If you want a more complex system, it is the premiummode, including comparisons with other users, a personal trainer and customized programs of weight loss from 45 euros per year.


The quid. The battery life is what decanted my purchase decision to Fitbit, to the detriment of other alternatives such as the Nike FuelBand. Flex offers up to five days without charging it and we have found that even a sixth can be stretched. The Nike device stays in three days, certainly in consideration to the screen led that mounts, capable of displaying warnings and time. As on so many other occasions, we are faced with the dilemma ‘show versus battery’.


Economic model. Fitbit Flex is the cheapest on the market. Your 92 euros marked a distance with the 128 that the Jawbone Up costs and represent less than half of what is paid by the FuelBand (244 euros).

Little spectacular. Flex is a monitor. She is the physical activity and transmits data to the computer or smartphone. This is, as gadget that does things has no value; by itself, it hardly serves to guide us on how the day has gone. If you are looking for is to surprise friends with new features in the wrist, Flex is not suitable.

Excellent conception. Once placed, it is difficult to remember its existence. It is flat, pleasant to the touch and comes out unscathed from the shower and the pool. Nor does it seem easy to destroy accidentally. For example, running fans will find in it a powerful ally that will allow them, once and for all, leave the mobile home. The bracelet can be operated with different third-party applications.

Physical stimulus. See the results motivates to beat them. It is an optimal tool for measuring performance and motivate yourself to overcome it day by day. In a society as sedentary as the current, this information can be terminated by Save infarction to anyone.

Perception of sleep. Perhaps the movement is not a correct way to quantify the quality of sleep. Some people move more than others, and it does not necessarily mean that they are resting restless. Furthermore, to turn the alarm off five quick touches, are needed which means too much coordination for the first few seconds of the day.

Remote configuration. It is a device dependent, since the bracelet is not configurable from the wrist. Alarms or the number of steps goal have to be changed from the PC or mobile, although in the latter case it has to have one of the few compatible models.

Pioneer. In the market there are four or five similar to Fitbit Flex models. It means that devices are pioneers, probably far from perfection, which is will be made according to its success and the parade of systems. At the upcoming Mobile World Congress expected bets to the wrist of the leading manufacturers, so expect perhaps is the right thing.