Ulvang RAV Sweater in Merino Wool

So if you recommend a s , then it is neither insensitive against scratchy fabrics nor has it slept through the development of synthetic fibers of function.

Of course erinnnere I me with horror at the time back, in which our mother has equipped us sweaters with this terribly scratchy “Norwegians”. There was the sweater already reason enough prefer not to to go outside!
But wool is not equal to wool! And that the Norwegians make correctly class sweater (and underwear!), proves to us

Vegard Ulvang.

The nice gentleman Ulvang used namely exclusively

100% Merino Wool!

This very fine and thin wool of the Merino sheep not scratching guaranteed (if BB´s at that time already had been) and has other advantages over synthetic fibres:

Who plans a long (multi-day) tour and is in the company of friends, has only the choice between underwear and socks made of merino wool and the dramatic reduction of his circle of friends.

The natural material wool is namely much odor neutral as synthetic! Air is often several days.

If you don’t believe BB´s: try it out!

In addition, wool also keeps still warm moist and is therefore in outdoor activities where I do not regularly have a dry part of the hand ideal.

The wool absorbs more moisture and dries a little lower than synthetic, plays only a subordinate role, however, for certain “operations”.

A major plus of wool and Merino Wool is of course their excellent ability to the heat insulation!

Due to its structure, wool can save very much (body warm) air and is therefore ideally suited for cool or cold conditions.

And while in Australia and New Zealand, the home of the Merino sheep, Yes also to the Sun seems, textiles that are equipped with a natural UV protection.

Because in addition to all this positive material properties even the classic ‘look’ of the RAV sweaters I like with his 1/4 zip and thumb loops is among my favorites.

Original as last few “Norwegian”-tips on how to care for wool:

As a seasoned housewife, I would only hand wool or in a machine with extra “wool cycle” (but not every machine has!) at maximum 30 ° C wash.

It is very important that you use the right detergent.

Also the wool fat and protein molecules of the wool to remove “Normal detergent”. These are very important and must not be washed out.

Only with a wool detergent, the wool is washed properly and carefully. Rather no than a wrong detergent.

After washing the garment in form drag, this applies generally to any wool, even for pure cotton!