Vodafone Adds Bonus Internet Extra of 1GB for 9 Euros But Reduced to 64 Kbps New Fares

Exactly a week ago that Vodafone its new mobile Internet rates anticipated to navigate from tablet or computer, although it was not until they have entered into force, when we have been able to know all conditions they come with two surprises that had not initially specified.

The reduction of the rates of 2 and 5 GB mobile Internet not only has meant a discount of 25% in its share with respect to the above rates average if that it has also reduced the speed that is does not exceeded the volume at high speed and that moves from 128 to 64 Kbps upload and download.

A further reduction of the speed of traffic in excess that is far from the removal of speed restrictions which proclaimed in its day and that goes on the line, as with most Spanish operators, of the initiative in the United States for the Elimination of the rates for mobile internet with unlimited traffic. It can be in Spain not return to see rates charged excess But if they are still slowing down, they will be indirectly forcing us to hire bonds of extra data to be able to continue sailing with some quality.

Vodafone will allow additional 1 GB to be added to your rate for 9 euros

At least on this occasion, the worsening conditions for excess traffic comes accompanied by a reduction of the cost of the extra giga It is the height of Yoigo, other MVNOs or even Movistar.

Mobile Internet users for computer and tablet which have consumed the traffic at maximum speed of your fare, may be added 1 GB for 9 euros, from which will be slow and only the rate of 1 GB for users with network tariffs or tablet, the speed will be reduced to 128 Kbps.

This new extra bonus data will be compatible with new rates and also for customers with rates @, Base or network that may also hire 500 MB for 5 euros. The offer for USB modem is in the following way: