Vodafone Will Include Free SMS in Its Rates Base and Smart during Christmas

The income of operators by in text or SMS messaging have been reduced dramatically since the advent of application type WhatsApp that made that companies started to give them some of their rates to continue encouraging its use although it is not always as we saw in the renewal of rates Vodafone, where the most economical (Base and Smart) spent including them free to start charging them to 12 cents/SMS (VAT included).

An unexpected twist that if Yoigo style has no well, why they too affect users because it is a service in decline, if that was thankful to have them included in the price while the alternatives that we have with the internet connection on your mobile does not make it an indispensable service.

In this sense and so users can also celebrate Christmas by SMS without worrying about the cost, Vodafone has decided to include a bonus of 1,000 free SMS in Base and Smart rates valid until 14 January automatically and without having to request it. Do you think the initiative will encourage you to send any more that you thought during this holiday season or you’ll still prefer other alternatives?