We Opened The Kiosk of Spring 2012, Reviewing The Best of Fashion and Masculine Style Covers (I)

Although still not given officially opened the summer season, in the spring 2012 Street already he is noticed and feel. And not only because these days ago we enjoyed temperatures that brushed 20 degrees at many points of our geography, that also, but because also the shops have started to receive the first deliveries of the new season, the shop windows of emerge from shelters and posters of sales toward of the bright colors and lighter garments, and the magazine covers convey that holiday air that we like and inspires us.

That is why that this special will discuss some of the most representative of the international male style fashion magazines covers. A faithful reflection of trends all in greater or lesser extent luciremos in brief.

L’Officiel Hommes (China)

We started with one of the Bibles of menswear in this case in its Chinese Edition, L’Officiel Hommes, It presents a Neils Butler with a very Parisian look posing with the Tower Eiffel to their backs. A accent color clay and tailoring in broken white set, they make up this set perfect for a sunny day in March.


From Neo2 two Spanish lifestyle and trends publication, we highlight two covers. The first of the month of February, with photos of Jose Morraja, invites us to combine such basic items as the Black Americana with funny shirts, as in this case with micro-lunares print. Spectacular styling to the Greek God completes the look of the cover boy Nicki.

For the month of March they change the complete chip betting on the zombie model Rick Genest, the atypical Canadian model discovered by Nicola Formichetti and Lady Gaga, and that you have already spoken on more than one occasion. Dress with black and white outfit signed by Louis Vuttion, Rick takes its more bucolic side in an editorial entitled ‘Serius Männer’.


Teenmag bet is the mix of fabrics, the intense colors and above all the stamped Ode. A colorful story on a turquoise background that evokes spring so look where you look at. This is also the first cover for model Richard Kranzin, which is in the sight suggests ways.

Open Lab

In the magazine of art, culture and fashion Open Lab triumph colors of Red scale in a simple e styling formed by shirt in tone tile and pants camel that is complete with a of raffia Hat. A story that stars Dominique Hollington, a model whose career is taking off as the foam.


In this same color scale we stumbled upon the cover of Bullet starring actor Daniel Radcliffe, very of today for his recent film ‘ the woman in black, with photos of Mario Vivanco. A shooting of cincuentera inspiration that can not miss the Poles in bright, subtly high shooting pants and two-tone shoes.