What Is Official and Definitive Android L Name? It Participates

We saw the first news of the next version of Android in the past Google I/O and little by little the of Mountain View van hinting some feature which will be the version of Android that it will be released with the next smartphone Nexus 6.

It certainly brings with it News interesting both in performance and saving battery and a new visual interface that focuses on simplicity and minimalism, but now, what the? name final of Android L?.

As we all know, Google It uses the name of desserts and sweets for their versions of Android, more recent versions were Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and the current Kitkat. OS video play on TV with Android where we did a graphic summary of the evolution of the Google platform:

But, what will be the next? We know that you begin with the letter L and leave a series of options to vote for which most convince you. Also give you the option of “Other” so you bring your Additionally in the comments that you believe should not be in the list.

Come, I me mojo, I think it will be Lollipop,?and you?

What will be the final name of Android?