What Spitting Towels For Babies Are the Best?

Spitting towels for babies are very important and no household with a baby comes out without them.It is not done with a spitting cloth; instead, parents have to count on three to four spitting cloths a day.The spittoon must be washed after each use, so it makes sense to add a supply of 10 to 12 spatters.

But which towels are the best?What should parents look for when buying spittoons?We answer all questions about spitting cloth for babies.

Spittles for babies – What to look out for

Spittles for babies are needed with every feeding and they pick up everything that goes aside when feeding.They are suitable for babies to wipe their mouths and serve as a base for small peas.

Some children spit a lot when feeding, so that two or more towels can be consumed per feeding.
Without the nothing goes, but Spitttuch is not the same Spitttuch.

Good cloths are mainly soft and absorbent to absorb as much liquid as possible.In addition, they should be washable at least at 60 ° C, even better is a spongy cloth resistant to boiling to ensure the best possible hygiene.

Spatters are square, usually between 70 x 70 and 85 x 85 centimeters and are available in simple white or in colored or printed.

It is of course very important for a spitting cloth that the materials used are free of pollutants and if possible certified according to ÖkoTex standards.

Spit cloth or gauze

Many parents use simple white gauze diapers as spittoons.The simple white towels are already available from one Euro per piece and they are generally good for use as spitting cloth.Mull diapers are soft and resistant to boiling and thus fulfill two of the most important criteria for spittoon cloths.

However, cheap mull diapers are often very thin and frigid, so they can absorb only limited fluid and so several cloths per feeding are consumed.For gauze diapers, you should always pay attention to double-weaved and absorbent premium quality with stitched edges.They are much better suited than simply woven, thin gauze diapers.

While gauze diapers of good quality are therefore quite suitable as spittoon cloths, they are unfortunately not one: look beautiful.
Therefore, the trade also offers special spittoon cloths, which come in pretty, colorful colors and with attractive prints.These spittoons are a lot more expensive than simple Mullendeln and cost up to 7.50 € per piece.

Another drawback of the pretty, colorful spit-cloths is that they are partly washable at 40 ° because of the colored fabrics.
Most colorful spittoons, however, can be washed at 60, while colorful spitheads, which are cooked at the same time, are more like the needle in a haystack.

The possibility of cooking clothes speaks with the question “Which spit-cloths are the best?” Therefore clearly for the good old Mullwindel, even if it comes a bit dull and old-baked therefore and it does not look really attractive, with a white gull diaper over the shoulder.

Our recommendations for baby spittoon

Mull diapers in the double-woven and looped version fully fulfill their job.If you prefer a bit more creative and handsome, we recommend the spittoons with subtle patterns of care: Link to the product on Amazon

Alternatively, we recommend the following gauze towels:

  • 5 pcs. Pack of gauze sheets / spatters – 70 x 70 cm – colored blue for boys (dark blue, light blue, turquoise, white)
  • TOP quality: thicker than cheap gauze cloths – double woven with reinforced edge (stay longer in shape and longer)
  • Very pleasant, skin-friendly and cuddly soft – 100% cotton (softer with every wash)
  • Manufactured according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 – test number: 06.0.48618 Hohenstein
  • Easy to clean: Machine wash at 60 ° C, suitable for dryers
  • 2x cloth purple animals on white
  • 2x cloth berry stars on pink
  • 2x cloth pink, 2x cloth berry
  • Made from 100% double-weight cotton
  • Measurements 70 x 70 cm


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