What to Do When You Only Have Girl’s Toy (Or Boy) At Home?

If you have children of a single genus, as is my case, I’m a mother of two girls, do an exercise:take a look at the toy closet and see if you have some “typical toy” of the opposite sex. Are you of those who only have girl’s Toy (or boy) at home?

Before you think this strange request, I also think that toy story boy and girl silly. Toy has no distinction of sex. But I will confess that this is a recent discovery in my life. I always attended the women’s wing of the toy stores and without realizing how this Office was discriminatory, I ended up depriving my eldest daughter of a number of possibilities that the “toys for boys” represent.

I’ve said this before, but the chart was fall of truth, when I posted on facebook of Tempojunto a picture of a cart track made of duct tape and commented:
Oh if I were a mother of boy!

Soon some followers came, appropriately, that I didn’t have to be mother of boy to have a cart track. And they were more than certain. So much so that as soon as the Gabi was old enough I started to play with her.

And I didn’t stop in the stands. I confess that I still have super heroes and other things in the closet of Gabi toys, but we have dinosaurs, Castle with Knights and even train and tractors, which she amaaaa.

Join with the Canine Patrol, it gets better, according to her.

In this video I still bring a toy of that is to let the child lead the game and determine the pace and the way things are going to happen. This play free in the child exercises your understanding of the world is critical to the development of small.

The toys are instruments of this exploration of reality. And we limit the universe of the child when determining that she only interacts with a certain group of toys. Let’s hit visit a new area of toy store next time?

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