WhatsApp Exceeds 600 Million Users Active, 60 in The India

WhatsApp already has 600 million users. So Jan Koum, co-founder of the company and current CEO of the same has confirmed it a few moments ago. And no, it is not a lot of inactive accounts, as we had seen in earlier reports, these users are connected at least once a month.

In addition, 60 of those 600 million come from the India. It is there where are having much of its growth now, with about three million activations of the giant South Asian provinientes monthly.

Now serving 600,000,000 monthly active users. Yes, active and registered are very different types of numbers…

— jan koum (@jankoum) August 25, 2014

Service, valued at $ 19,000 million in February, when your purchase from Facebook, took place has not moved many tabs since then. And that he expected to submit your service calls this summer which is coming to an end.

And while there are a hundred million users up with regard to the latest update of figures, which we had in April, are sufficient to place it at the moment as a third virtual in amount of active users community, just behind Tencent china and their own Facebook.

And is that we reach a point where the alternatives are already very consolidated regionally, as it is the case of China, and is very difficult to scratch users with a platform that becomes so bare like WhatsApp. The amazing thing is that in 2014 followed gaining users a service monodispositivo, with so little innovation, and what is worse, payment.