Whatsapp Is Down: New Disruption Affects Group Chats

Current whatsapp errors

2 December 2015: group chat ios streikenwie confirm numerous users on Twitter, it comes occasionally problems with group chat for iphone users. Although affected users can continue to receive group messages and also messages to individual contacts can send. The service however does not delivers their messages to groups. So far (stand: December 2nd, 2015, 14:20 Uhr) has whatsapp the problem not confirmed.
Expect a whatsapp message and nothing comes easy? Whatsapp is down! Might not the service caused the problem, but about your Smartphone or a weak Internet connection. In the worst case scenario but it is on whatsapp itself, such as when the Messenger does not connect to the network. Then it is not possible to receive messages or send. How you reveals the cause which come human, Our site.

Whatsapp down: more information

Want to get concrete information about the disorder, on the platform allestörungen.de useful to refer the whatsapp problem. There current error messages of prominent businesses and services are documented, whatsapp is also there. If you receive no further details to a fault, mostly developers themselves via Twitter to word register with more complex problems. Also #whatsappdown sometimes offers clues whether the app is difficult only on your device or all users are affected. Here, users often passionately discuss errors or failures of the Messenger network.

Whatsapp: the coolest status messages

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Server issues

It is not uncommon that the Messenger service is overloaded. Should that be the reason for the failure, nothing else you, than to wait at least until the developers have fixed the bug. Indication of a server failure may be the missing status bar directly below the name of the chat partner alongside Twitter messages. Here is usually last seen when a contact for a while was not online.

Note: the missing online status must does not necessarily point to server problems, because the person has may have switched off the function for the protection of privacy. Then is visible only under the name of the contact, if a person is writing you.

Whatsapp alternatives: the best Messenger apps

23 whatsapp alternatives Chat-apps

Chat problems: what to do?

If only your device of the loss be affected and you notice problems when receiving and sending messages, it can also lay a bad Internet connection. Or the whatsapp application on the device is crashed. To find out whether it is up to lack volume or bad reception, you try to connect the Messenger over a local Wi-Fi. Should the problem persist, it is probably server issues. The whatsapp application hangs up, completely close the app and restart it. The problem persists, try to uninstall the app and download anew from the respective app store for the mobile device. In all cases out to slowly lose the nerves? Maybe you should change the Messenger. In the gallery you will find alternative chat apps.