When to Change Pillows

For nearly 70% of the people interviewed for this survey, a good pillow is essential to good sleep. Yet, by keeping our pillows too long, we make a serious mistake.

Robert Oexman, Director of the Sleep to Live Institute, explained that he would have change them every six months. The Web MD site, it would be for all the two years maximum (in contrast, the lifetime of a mattress is five to ten years). “People know that a mattress will eventually become soiled,” adds Oexman, but they easily forget the pillows. Unlike the mattress, the pillow will not deform at the point of no longer support correct but, six months, much better to get rid of.

Why? Because a multitude of bugs and dung show on the surface of the pillow on which you fall asleep every night. Dust, fat, dead skin are piling up, which can cause acne. Mites, which are Arachnids, also like to hang out in the recesses of your pillow. “You don’t see them, but they abound in the sheets and the carpets,” explains Mark R. Neustrom, of Kansas City Allergy and Asthma society.

Contrary rumors conveyed on the internet, the weight of your mattress and your pillows won’t double or triple because of mites. But, from everything, it is better to replace his sheets too often than not enough.

Try to do not view these little beasts who discuss on your pillow, and know that the accumulation of mites can cause serious disorders, especially among people with allergies (about 20% of the population) with the two-thirds are likely to be sensitive to dust mites servants.

Unlike the allergens (animal dander, for example), the protein that triggers an allergy to dust mites is not transmitted by air, adds Neustrom. If symptoms are particularly pronounced in the morning, the problem may be your pillow. People who constantly suffer from respiratory problems will also interest in ensuring that they are not allergic to dust mites.

But the good news is that mites are not vectors of disease and that they don’t cause at worst that allergy and asthma attacks. However, we understand you rechigniez to share your nights with hundreds of thousands of these little beasts. The covers and pillowcases sealed can be very effective, just like regular pillows and sheets washing. Thirty minutes into a dryer also contribute to reading your pillows, adds Oexman.

When you buy a new pillow, mysteryaround reminds you that it should perfectly fill the hollow of your shoulder when you lie down. The ideal pillow help you correctly position your head, explains Oexman. This is precisely the reason why people who sleep on the stomach and on the back must choose much finer models. You can, however, buy a pillow in feathers, foam or gel. And if you change your mattress, take the opportunity to take a cushion because the firmness of the mattress affect the amplitude of the hollow of your shoulder.

To check that a pillow is always effective, it must be, it seems, fold it in half and ask a top shoe to make sure it resumes despite all its original shape. According to Oexman, this belief has no basis: “the pillow down of someone sleeping on the stomach is very, very thin.” If you bend it, the shoe does not fall. Yet, it is perfect for this kind of sleeper.”