With Blades Of Swimming, Size Matters

To start talking about this product I’m going to get in the situation. You buy a few shovels to swimming because I have said it in the workshop, a friend, your swim coach or you’ve seen to that was swimming in the same street as you yesterday afternoon.

Suddenly you walk into the store, and you see two or three different sizes and already do not know what is the ideal. Finally just buying you the big thinking with them you are going to go faster and you will be a champion.

You go to the pool with your cachopalas, you have to swim 500m with them non-stop because you read it on the internet (or simply a friend has told you that she heard it is tell someone in the dressing room). In the first strokes already notes how cost you, and even half of your body out of the water by the large amount of power that you are producing. You arrive in the 100 m and already can not more, your shoulders have said enough, they are swollen and you can just lift them to take off the sunglasses. But as they have told you, and you have to be able to make a few pools, pulling and lifting from wherever.

The next day you wake up and you start to notice a small inner pain in the anterior aspect of the shoulder, not you nor comb and over questions you didwhat I did yesterday? The reason is very simple, starting in because it wasn’t your ideal size and because above all to use the blades is recommended to have a certain base in terms of volume of accumulated meters and a technical level.

I have to say this because it often happens that we have not never swum or take certain time without swimming and now want to use shovels because we noticed that we go faster or we do more strength. All this at the end can be counterproductive and result in injury, or worsen the technical gesture.

Before you begin to speak with different sizes I want to show the different parts of the blade. Most have two bands, a subject the wrist and the other the middle finger as we see in the image:

These rubber bands can be tightened to give greater clamping and usually have holes so that water can flow, and resistance is less. Its shape is quitehydrodynamic to not hinder sliding.

Polyhobbies will now explain the different types of blades according to size and its function:

We started by the of size M or S (the most common): is the shovel more I recommend for people who as I said above already has a certain technical level and a certain basis and want to tone the muscles of the trunk or improve their resistance to the force. With this shovel you get make the stroke with one higher grip, which leads to having to do more strength to carry the hand back over a period of time (the force resistance). Having to do more strength increase speed, so we have that feeling of going faster.

Then we have blades of size XL (the closest thing to a frying pan): this type of blade would be focused to those swimmers more experts who are trained to the highest level and even compete regularly. Need a great base and a highly refined technique. With this type of blade you will get is training above all the power of the upper train, since we will have to rely on a greater quantity of water to move. This will result in us having to do more strength will increase the speed, and therefore we will get tired before.

And finally we have shovels smaller, in this case are Speedo: this type of shovel is more focused for training or improvement of the technique, since, due to their size and shape, the resistance is minimal, but having a grip slightly superior to not carry shovels, this will cause us to be able to feel that way do more strength and carry out a more efficient traction i.e., improving technique and performing the stroke as plays.

n addition, a small trick to improve front crawl technique is to remove rubber doll and not catch the blade with your fingers (keep your hand on natural swimming position), so if we do not make good stroke the blade will move and we will not be able to do well.

It must also say that the ideal for the use of this training material is alternating with shovels and without them interspersed with breaks. Or even combining with material such as the pull buoy to isolate the lower trunk and work only the arms.

All these indications are to look better, feel better or get what all we seek to improve our performance but more importantly: without putting at risk our physical health.