World Exclusive: Surfaced Designs to Apple’s Virtual Reality Glasses

Apple stumbled about in search of a VR glasses at least according to the current location of the message. Apple should have set up a secret research department dealing with virtual reality. There even prototype already. 3D designer Martin Hajek and Our site have therefore again teamed up and made first thoughts on the new Apple product. Come out are mock-ups of a world-exclusive and spectacular Apple VR.

Apple VR chic part!

The Apple Watch is design inspiration for the Apple Board: the frame is therefore from the same stainless steel, such as the clock and is available in gold, silver and rosé Gold. The band of the glasses made of leather is standard, there could be but also variants from metal based on the mesh bracelet of the Apple Watch. In addition to the normal version, there may be a very high-quality Apple VR Edition of gold.

Apple VR: exclusive designs by our site

Apple VR: sport version with silicone bands

Alternatively decide according to by Martin Hajek for the sports version with a matte frame made of anodised aluminium in the colours of space gray, silver, or gold Apple-VR customers. Appropriately, there are interchangeable silicone straps in black, blue, white, green, pink and other colours. Both variants should be lightweight and above all to the ground not addressed, hardcore gamers.

Apple VR: streaming via iphone

The connections for headphones and a lightning connection to the Apple Board with iphone, ipad or macbook connect are hiding at the back of the head. Alternatively VR clients to connect via NFC and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to other Apple devices. An internal memory it will drop VR content not give.

Glowing Apple logo and glass panel

On the front, the designer Martin Hajek will present a panel of glass. The underlying Apple logo lights up in operation. Furthermore, a stereo microphone sits, at the respective corners hide the stereo cameras for augmented reality applications. On the inside, led record the activities of the VR glasses wearer. In addition, the Apple Board two HD AMOLED screen is equipped. Of course Apple would not only glasses offer, but AR and VR applications and content via itunes. You get an exact impression of the Apple Board of Directors in the following video or photo gallery. What do you think of the design? Would you like a VR glasses of Apple?

Video on the subject

Our site and Martin Hajek present a concept video to the Apple Board of Directors, the first virtual reality glasses from Cupertino. Apple VR: Competition for oculus rift & co.?