Xuxa Flounced Short Dress – Summer Dresses

Check Out Short Print Dress Options With Xuxa Ruffle And Sweep In Summer 2015!

Brazilian presenter Xuxa is one of the most famous and well-known celebrities in Brazil. His looks are known to attract attention. In an edition of her old television show, Xuxa wore a short dress with flounces and flashy prints. This summer dress is the inspiration for today’s post titled short print dress with ruffled Xuxa. Check it out and get inspired for the summer!

The short print dress with ruffle is the most daring and flashy of the dresses shown in this post. This is due to the amount of frills in the skirt, which gives volume to the hip, and the animal print color and traditional print, mainly by the combination of yellowish tones with red. Thus, this printed dress looks great on skinny women, because their modeling and frills tend to give a lot of volume to the body.

Tips Printed Short Dress With Ruffle Of Xuxa!

The online stores offer a plethora of printed dresses, with varying prices. The frilly printed dresses are also easily found. However, it is worth mentioning that the frills give volume to the region where they are located, except for the frilly peplum, which hides the tummy. So, ask yourself if the ruffle of the dress you will buy will give volume to a region that you do not want to increase.

Check out short fringed print dress options  and get inspired for your next ballad!

Short Design Dress Options With Xuxa Ruffle


This short print dress with ruffle features a very light ruffle on the skirt, like a draped so the print stands out even more. In fact, it is the mix of prints that is the strong point of this summer dress, the combination of black and white stripes with reddish flowers was perfect, much due to the colors used. In relation to the modeling, this delineates plus the top, being the skirt a little loose, but its length is very short.


This short print dress with ruffle is the most classic of the printed dresses shown in this post, this should delicate lace. Regarding the modeling, this one shows the body quite, mainly by the cuts in the waist. Stay alert to them, because the waist is the region that shows the most fat.


This short print dress with ruffle is ideal for women who love animal print prints, which will be present this summer, especially when colored, as in that case. The ruffle in the skirt, also known as bell skirt, is super high, being ideal to leave tubing dresses more comfortable, mainly in relation to the movements.


This frilly printed dress is super different, but very interesting. Its geometric pattern with stone designs resembles a discreet stained glass, a dress that mixes a discreet background with fun designs. Its modeling seeks to value the legs more and therefore is looser in the hip, waist and top. Depending on the accessories, this printed dress can be worn at daytime or evening parties.