You And I: Intimate Wedding Couple

A wedding without guests knows most people only from Hollywoodstreifen. In these films, the (mostly young) bridal couple spontaneously opts for a marriage ceremony and travels quickly to Las Vegas to give themselves the yes-word.

The fact that such a wedding does not necessarily have to be a Hollywoodcliché, shows a survey by Zalando: After all, four percent of Germans prefer a wedding to two. How can such an intimate wedding look like? The following article provides bridal couples with inspiration and information about this particular wedding style.

The Wedding Couple: Pros And Cons

Before embracing the inspirations, we should first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a wedding. In principle, the wedding is the synonym for the most beautiful day of their lives for most people. This is often the problem, too. Everyone involved is planning and looking forward to the big day, so that he does not meet the expectations (admittedly high).

Benefits Of Being Together

The problem often begins with the wishes of other people, especially their own family. In many cases this wishes a wedding as large as possible with numerous guests. The wishes of the couple are rarely taken as seriously as they would wish. The bride and groom is at the center of the wedding, not the family or the guests.

The greatest advantage of the wedding together is that you can concentrate on the most important without having to fulfill the wishes and expectations of others. Furthermore, there is no general stress, which involves a great wedding: reception, talking to and spending time. In the end the bride and groom barely takes a few minutes to spend a few minutes alone.

Of course, a great wedding is also associated with a great financial outlay. This, however, does not always guarantee a smooth process, let alone the fact that the celebration fulfills one’s own expectations. A wedding to two offers a lot more opportunity to invest the money so that one is really pleased about his marriage. The bride and groom can, for example, finance the trip to the USA, marry in Las Vegas and then start a road trip through the states.

The Disadvantages Of Being Together

A wedding in the most intimate setting also has its shadow side. As a matter of principle, married couples will initially encounter the lack of understanding of their family members and friends. In particular parents feel like this in front of the head.

Even the best friend or best friend has probably secretly planned to become grooms. But the bride and groom can also have feelings of guilt since they would like to have their close friends with them on their big day.

In the end, however, every person should look forward to the bridal couple. Good friends will understand the decision for an intimate wedding and congratulate the Moreover, there is no reason not to organize a small post-wedding party after the wedding.

Termination: Ecclesiastical, Permanent Or Free?

Once the plan for the bizarre wedding is established, the couple only have to decide for the kind of marriage. In principle the wedding ceremony is obligatory. In the meantime no more haunts have to be present, so that the problem of former weddings is solved in pairs.

However, many couples want more than just a wedding ceremony on the town hall. The second is the wedding in the church, since maidens are still indispensable here. The last solution is the free marriage. A free theologian can perform these religiously or secularly.

The advantage of a free wedding ceremony is the possibility to tailor the marriage individually to the couple. The bride and groom can decide for themselves what the ceremony should contain and what they can do without. Also the determination of the Wedding-Location remains completely in the hand of the bride and groom.

Escape Wedding: Marry In The Distance

The free marriage is not bound to any place. That is why it is a good idea to move the wedding to any location – in Germany or abroad. Bridal couples have the opportunity to choose never before visited destinations and to give themselves the yes-word here.

In addition to the probably most popular wedding location for private weddings, Las Vegas, there are many other interesting places for bridal couples where they can seal their unforgettable marriage:

Bali, Indonesia: The island in Indonesia is one of the most popular wedding locations in the world. White beaches and exotic palm groves await bridal couples who want to spend their honeymoon in a paradise after the wedding.

New Zealand: Nature lovers and adventurers get their money’s worth in New Zealand. A wedding ceremony ranges from wild to adventurous. New Zealand is not only a popular location for filming, but also weddings.

Venice: Marriage applications are made in Paris. But the wedding often takes place in the other city of love, Venice. Bridal couples here have the opportunity to give themselves the yes-word on a small ship and then admire the beautiful houses and canals.