ZTE Nubian X 6 Mounted a Camera with Optical Stabilisation

The Chinese firm ZTE continues to give that talk after a MWC2014 quite discreet. Yesterday taught us for the first time its new ZTE Grand S Ext, and only a few days ago that we knew the first news about two smartphones in large format for the range Nubia.

We are talking about the ZTE Nubia Z7, a stranger who was already rumored for months, and ZTE Nubian X 6, a phablet with 6-inch screen that now more details are known.

It seems that ZTE has put hands to work so its terminals to take a step forward, and if yesterday we saw that the materials and the design of the Grand S Ext are of the highest quality, today transcends that the Nubian X 6 will feature optical stabilizer on your main camera.

Thus, ZTE is positioned ahead of the competition, even a Samsung which still has not dared to take the step of optical stabilization in its new vessel S5, newly presented Galaxy logo and expected this specification that is poised to become a standard for future top terminals.

The sensor will be 13 or 16 megapixels, and its quality is expected to be very good for racing the Lumia, as only Nokia has been marked as essential optical stabilization for your devices. Remember that the contract of exclusivity of Nokia in respect of the components of its stabilizer is already over, and that any manufacturer could implement them if desired.

Nubian X 6 will not forget its hardware platform, commanded by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 that will be accompanied by 2 or 3 GB of RAM, to give life to the Panel QHD 1.6 inch 440p that will be your screen.

At the end of this month of March expected ZTE to release all the information about this interesting device that, like the rest of Nubia, will not see the light outside China in an official way.