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What does Hypersomnia Mean?


Hypersomnia is what doctors mean by sleep addiction. Sleep addiction manifests itself in an excessive need for daytime sleep, which can manifest itself in very different ways. Those affected are mainly middle-aged men. Hypersomnia usually occurs in connection with other,…
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What does CS Mean?

Conus syndrome

According to abbreviationfinder, CS stands for cone syndrome. Conus syndrome is a paraplegic syndrome caused by pressure damage to the lower spinal cord at the level of the conus medullaris and is associated with micturition disorders. The phenomenon occurs most frequently in…
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What does HOC Mean?

Hyperosmolar Coma

According to abbreviationfinder, HOC stands for Hyperosmolar Coma. Diabetes determines the entire life of those affected. Intensive education about how to deal with the disease can help patients lead their lives as normally as possible and prevent complications such as hyperosmolar…
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What does Coral Mean?


According to digopaul, the concept of coral has several uses. When its etymological root is found in the Greek word korállion, it refers to an anthozoan coelenteric animal that forms colonies, in which the specimens are linked to each other…
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What does AC Mean?

Alternating current

Alternating current (abbreviated AC according to abbreviationfinder) is called the electric current in which the magnitude and direction vary cyclically. The most commonly used alternating current waveform is that of a sinusoidal wave (figure), since a more efficient transmission of…
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