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What does Collapse Mean?


Collapse is the action and effect of collapsing. This verb indicates the action of precipitating, plunging, knocking down or demolishing, depending on the context. For example: “A landslide on the Mount of the Sacred Heart left three dead and dozens…
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What does Deplorable Mean?


The adjective deplorable, which comes from the Latin word deplorabĭlis, qualifies what is disgusting, abhorrent, disastrous or disastrous. The deplorable, therefore, deserves a negative assessment. For example: “The mayor had a deplorable attitude when he refused to receive the victims…
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What does Demiurge Mean?


A Greek term (dēmiourgós) that can be translated as “creator” derived, in our language, in demiurge. This is what is called, in different philosophical currents, to the divinity or the entity that created or that promoted the universe. Gnostic philosophy…
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What does Story Mean?


The word story comes from the Latin term compŭtus, which means “account”. The concept refers to a brief narrative of imaginary events. Its specificity cannot be pinpointed, so the difference between a long story and a novella is difficult to…
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What does Creak Mean?


Knowing the etymological origin of the term creaking is something really complicated, since there are many and varied theories that exist in this regard. This is the case, for example, of those that determine that it derives from the Dutch,…
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What does Chromium Mean?


There are several uses of the term chrome, whose etymological origin is found in the Latin word chrôma (which can be translated as “color” ). The concept may refer to the chemical element with atomic number 24. Chromium, in this…
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What does Definitive Mean?


The definitive adjective, which comes from the Latin word definitīvus, qualifies that which concludes, finishes off, resolves or consumes something. What is definitive cannot be reversed or left without effect. For example: “The definitive closure of the premises will take…
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