What does Don Mean?


The notion of gift can have different etymological origins and, therefore, different meanings. When the term derives from the Latin word donum, it refers to a talent or aptitude that a person has. For example: “My daughter has a special…
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What does Hardness Mean?


From the Latin duritĭa, hardness is defined as the quality of hard. For example: “The hardness of this mattress is quite annoying”, “Leather pants have a very particular hardness that makes them somewhat uncomfortable”. Hardness is also a callus or…
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What does Collapse Mean?


Collapse is the action and effect of collapsing. This verb indicates the action of precipitating, plunging, knocking down or demolishing, depending on the context. For example: “A landslide on the Mount of the Sacred Heart left three dead and dozens…
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What does Deplorable Mean?


The adjective deplorable, which comes from the Latin word deplorabĭlis, qualifies what is disgusting, abhorrent, disastrous or disastrous. The deplorable, therefore, deserves a negative assessment. For example: “The mayor had a deplorable attitude when he refused to receive the victims…
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What does Demiurge Mean?


A Greek term (dēmiourgós) that can be translated as “creator” derived, in our language, in demiurge. This is what is called, in different philosophical currents, to the divinity or the entity that created or that promoted the universe. Gnostic philosophy…
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