A dictionary is an organized collection of words and their definitions, typically arranged alphabetically. It is a reference book that provides definitions, synonyms, etymologies, pronunciations, translations and grammatical information for words in a given language. A dictionary may also include illustrations or example sentences to help explain the meaning of the word. Dictionaries are commonly used as a tool to look up unfamiliar words, to check spelling and pronunciation, as well as to learn more about the language itself. Dictionaries are typically organized into two main sections: one for headwords (the main entries) and another for derivatives (words derived from other words). Headwords are generally listed alphabetically according to their pronunciation in the language being studied. Derivatives are usually listed in order of their derivation from other words. Each entry in a dictionary will usually include the word’s pronunciation (IPA transcription), part of speech, definition(s), etymology (history of the word), synonyms and antonyms (related words with opposite meanings). In addition to providing definitions for individual words and phrases, dictionaries may also provide lists of related terms or phrases that have similar meanings. These lists are often referred to as “word families” or “semantic fields.” Many dictionaries also include information about regional variations in word usage or dialects, as well as notes on usage conventions such as grammar rules or idioms. Dictionaries can be printed on paper or stored electronically on computers or mobile devices. Electronic dictionaries may be accessed online through websites such as Dictionary.com or through apps that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. Online dictionaries often offer additional features such as audio pronunciations, example sentences and additional resources like encyclopedias or thesauri.

What does Coral Mean?


The concept of coral has several uses. When its etymological root is found in the Greek word korállion, it refers to an anthozoan coelenteric animal that forms colonies, in which the specimens are linked to each other through a calcareous…
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What does Spell Mean?

What does Spell Mean

A spell is called the magic formula or expression that, when pronounced, allows to obtain what is requested. According to abbreviationfinder.org, a spell, in this framework, is the act and result of conjuring : invoking the assistance of something supernatural, expressing…
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