Great Falls, Montana


Great Falls
Place in the United States
Location of Great Falls in Montana
Location of Montana in the US
County Cascade County
Type of place City
State Montana
Coordinates 47° 30′ N, 111° 17′ W
Surface 50.5 km²
– country 49.4 km²
– water 1.1 km²
Height 1,015 m
ZIP code(s) 59401–59406, 59401, 59403
FIPS code 32800

According to toppharmacyschools, Great Falls is a city in the US state of Montana, which is administratively part of Cascade County.

Since 1904, Great Falls has been the seat of a Roman Catholic diocese.


At the census in 2000, the number of inhabitants was determined at 56,690 . In 2006, the United States Census Bureau estimated the population at 56,215 , a decrease of 475 (-0.8%).


According to the United States Census Bureau, the place occupies an area of ​​51.6 km², of which 50.5 km² is land and 1.1 km² is water.

Great Falls and the Missouri River

Nearby places

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Great Falls

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  • Malmstrom AFB (6 km)
  • Sun Prairie (16 km)
  • Ulm (19 km)
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The Mariana UFO Incident

The Mariana UFO incident took place in Great Falls in August 1950. Nicholas “Nick” Mariana, general manager of the Great Falls “Electra” minor-league baseball team, and his secretary observed two “bright, silver orbs” moving rapidly across the city’s empty baseball stadium. Mariana used his camera to film the objects, and that film was one of the first to show a UFO. The incident gained widespread national attention and is considered one of the first major UFO incidents in the United States. Since 2007, the team has been called Great Falls Voyagers in memory of this event. Before that, it had several other names: Dodgers, Electrics, Giants, Selectrics, White Sox. The team features a green logo that represents an ‘alien’.

Great Falls, Montana