What does Adulthood Mean?

Adulthood is the period of life in which the individual, whether person, animal or plant, reaches full development, that is, reaches adulthood.

In the case of human life, such fullness corresponds not only to the maximum development of a person’s physical or organic abilities, but to a certain psychological maturity.

Thus, in concrete terms, adulthood implies overcoming the stages of childhood, adolescence and full youth. At the same time, it is the stage that precedes old age, today called senior citizens.

In each person, the age of adulthood can vary according to a wide variety of factors, such as biological factors (genetic predisposition, hormonal development, etc.) or cultural or psychological factors (education, life circumstance, dominant cultural environment, daily habits , food, etc.).

However, in general terms, adulthood usually includes the period between approximately 25 and 60 years of age.

Characteristics of adulthood

The stage of adulthood manifests itself from certain visible signs, among which are:

  • The person has reached his full potential of physical and biological development.
  • The subject is fully suitable for reproduction.
  • The personality of the subject manifests with greater clarity and stability.
  • The subject may assume greater responsibilities.
  • It is usually the stage of greater productivity and performance of a person.

It may happen that a person who has reached adulthood from a physical or biological point of view has not reached full maturity. Mature or not, his behavior shows a clear personality traits.