What does Another Dog with That Bone Mean?

The saying “To another dog with that bone” is used as a response to those who want to deceive a person or manipulate a situation in their favor from false arguments.

It is often used when the person who invokes it is tired of someone’s constant lies and deceptions, and decides to limit the situation.

The Latin American variant that says: “To another dog with that bone that is already gnawed” reinforces this sense of fatigue in the face of the incorrigible conduct of the liar.

In that way, popular wisdom symbolizes the rejection of deceptive offers as well as abuses of power based on empty promises.

The dog is here a symbol of fidelity and ingenuity at the same time. The dog always waits for its master and receives with good disposition everything that it gives him, even the leftovers. But they also discover their limit when they are habitually exposed to deception.

If the dog is a symbol of fidelity and naivety, through this saying the person implies that he is not willing to go through innocence and be ripped off by the liar. His good will will not be used this time to become a victim.

There are other variants of the saying, which pray as follows: “To another donkey with that albarda” and “To another door, which does not open.”

In all these cases, the person declares to be closed to receive what he perceives as a lie, a hoax or an attempt at manipulation.