What does Antonym Mean?

Antonym is a noun that describes words that express opposite or opposite ideas in relation to a term, for example, the opposite of day is night.

The word antonym originates from the Greek and is formed with the anti suffix that indicates ” opposite” and onoma that expresses ” name” , and together means “contrary to the name”.

In the coding of the messages by the issuer, the linguistic phenomena of antonymy and synonymy are involved.

In the case of antonyms, the sender can transmit a message using linguistic signs that oppose the meaning, in order to express what he thinks to the contrary.

In the case of synonyms, the issuer transmits a concept, in which several words with similar meanings intervene.

Types of antonyms

There are different types of antonyms depending on how they oppose a word.

A gradual ntónimo: as the name implies, oppose both words gradually. For example, the antonym of cold is mild but, it can be hot or frozen. The antonym of the word white is black but, it can be gray.

A complementary ntónimo: is that the assertion of one eliminates the possibility of another, ie are incompatible terms. For example, dead or alive, legal and illegal

Reciprocal antonym: means that the existence of one implies the presence of the other.

For example, buying and selling are reciprocal antonyms because it cannot be bought if it does not sell a good or service. Father and son, since the person who is called father is because he has at least one son.

It is worth mentioning that there are specialized dictionaries and websites that offer the search for contrary meanings of a certain term.

On the other hand, the antonyms help and facilitate the compression of a text or dialogue since many times people can have a better understanding of what is transmitted through the opposite knowledge.

For example, when someone does not know what love is but, he does have a notion that his antonym is love. In this case they can deduce that the first term expresses all experiences and feelings contrary to love.

Antonym and synonym

Synonym refers to the word that, in relation to another, share the same or similar meaning. Synonym is the opposite of antonym.

For example, the word “fall” has several synonyms such as collapsing, collapsing, fainting, crumbling, among others.

Examples of antonyms

Below is a list of antonyms:

Good – Bad

Accept Reject

Love Hate

Fun – Tedium

Joy – Sadness

Thin fat

Cute – Ugly

Big small

Far near

Major – Minor

Truth lie

Close Open

Arrive – Leave

Day Night

Goodbye – Hello

Edge – Center

Inside Outside

Dislike – Comfortable

Illumination – Darkness

Smiled – Serious

Dark light

Smooth – Wrinkled

Straight – Folded

Present past