What does ATP Mean?

According to AbbreviationFinder, ATP is an acronym that can be used in different ways. It could be, for example, the classification received by those films that are Suitable for All Audiences: “Matt Damon’s new film is an ATP comedy that will be released in November”, “The filmmaker aspired to have his film qualified as ATP, but finally the authorities labeled it as only suitable for people over 13 years old ”, “ I always acted in ATP proposals since I like positive messages for the whole family ”.


Movies are classified according to their content. In the case of those works defined as ATP, they do not present nude or excessively violent scenes. They also do not include vulgar language. An example of an ATP movie is the comedy “Home alone”, known as “My poor little angel” or “Alone at home” in our language.

Today and for the last few decades, Pixar has been responsible for many of the best ATP films, thanks to its constant search for inclusive content that awakens the reflection of young and old. This is not an easy undertaking; on the contrary, creating a work that can be understood by people of all ages, and even with different cultural backgrounds represents one of the greatest challenges for writers, screenwriters and filmmakers.

It is important to have certain well-defined objectives from the beginning, which serve as a guide to create the ideal ATP movie:

* Children are not stupid: Although it seems an obvious statement, Hollywood does not always keep it in mind when creating children’s content. Easy, repetitive jokes, such as exaggerated knocking and knocking, are one of the most common devices in mediocre movies. A good ATP script should be complex and interesting, and avoid predictable content and unnecessary repetition by all means;

* a little reality does not hurt anyone: although we go to the movies to escape reality for a while, fiction should not consist of a world completely different from the one we know. It is difficult to find the balance between the elements of everyday life and magic, but the key is not to force its inclusion in the story. The characters in an ATP movie should not always have superpowers or time travel, but can also be individuals who suffer, cry, laugh and walk.

* Adults don’t know everything: Anyone who claims to have really gotten close to a child can attest to how much we adults learn through contact with little ones. In fact, every step we take in life leaves us with a lesson. For this reason, an ATP movie should not appeal to the exaggeration of children’s abilities to reflect their importance in the story, but simply acknowledge their true attributes and their influence on the adults around them.

In the field of sport, the acronym ATP corresponds to the Association of Tennis Professionals (or Association of Tennis Professionals, in English). This association organizes the most important professional tennis circuit in the world, known as the ATP World Tour or ATP Tour.

There are different types of tournaments in the ATP circuit, divided according to the amount of money they distribute as a prize and the ranking points they award. The ATP ranking, for its part, is the ladder that functions as a kind of table of positions of the players on the circuit according to the games and tournaments they win. Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are some of the tennis players who reached the number 1 position in the ATP ranking.

Also called ATP, finally, to the triphosphate adenosine or adenosine triphosphate, a nucleotide which is essential for the cells to obtain energy.