What does Author Mean?

The term author comes from the Latin word auctor and refers to the individual who is the creator, inventor, generator or producer of something. For example: “Dan Brown is the author of ‘The Da Vinci Code’, one of the best-selling books of recent years”, “I am going to find out who was the author of this act of vandalism and I will punish him!” , “Tomorrow there will be a debate on copyright in the XXI century.

You can be the author of countless things. A chef is the author of the dishes he prepares and the recipes he creates. A novelist is the author of the books he writes, while a musician is the author of his compositions.


In the case of intellectual production, the author has property rights over his creations. This means that a subject X cannot have according to his will a novel written by another person, or a musical composition by another subject.

The copyright is composed of rules protecting the economic and moral rights of the individual. These rights are even contemplated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Take the case of a filmmaker and screenwriter who premieres a new film. If a viewer goes into a room and records the film with a camcorder and then uploads it to the Internet so that anyone can watch it without paying, they are violating the copyright of the director in question. The fact of illegally reproducing the film affects the interests of the filmmaker: it makes him lose money, threatens the quality of the work, etc.

Precisely starting from that idea we have to state that the SGAE exists in Spain. This is the General Society of Authors and Editors, which was founded in the 1940’s. It now has more than 100,000 members and its main objective is to defend the rights of its members by issuing licenses for the repertoire of the authors that form part of her.

Beyond the artistic realm, every human being is the author of the actions he performs: the thief who commits a robbery is the author of a crime, to cite one case.

In addition to all the above, we have to underline that “The Author” is the name of a Spanish-Argentine film that was released in November 2017. It is directed by Manuel Martín Cuenca and is starring Javier Gutiérrez, María León and Antonio de la Torre, among others.

This feature film, in turn, is based on the novel entitled “El Móvil” (1987), which is written by the Spanish Javier Cercas. It tells the story of a man who, the moment he decides to separate from his wife who is a great best-selling author, chooses to make his dream come true. That is none other than writing a great novel.

However, you will find many problems because you can not think of anything, it seems that you have no imagination, in the same way you think you have no talent… However, everything will change when you go to a writing workshop and the teacher tells you that reality is always the best muse you can have. For this reason, he will begin to “manipulate” the people around him and generate situations of all kinds in order to develop his debut film.