What does Automatic Mean?

Automatic is that belonging to or relative to the automaton. This term comes from the Greek automatos which means “with its own movement” or “spontaneous”. Therefore, the notion of automatic can refer to different issues.

An automatic mechanism works on its own, either in whole or in part. For example, an ATM is a machine that performs several of the functions of a bank teller. This device is activated by the user through a key, which allows the customer to give the instructions that the cashier will complete on their own (for example, deliver cash).


An answering machine is a device that connects to the telephone and responds to calls with a recorded message. Generally, it also provides the ability for the caller to record a message so that the recipient can listen to it in the future (for example, when you return home).

In the same way, we find the intercom. Specifically, this is an electronic device that is installed in homes or blocks of buildings that is used to, once it is known who the person who wishes to enter through a telephone system is, to open the entrance door to those from the inside of households.

An automatic weapon is a firearm that completes the cycle of loading, cocking, firing and extracting mechanically and without the user having to perform each of these steps separately.

To the long list of devices that are considered automatic, we should also add the one known as automatic irrigation. Specifically, this is a system thanks to which garden watering can be carried out in a very simple way. And it is that it can be programmed for a specific time in such a way that, when that time arrives, the sprinklers or diffusers installed are put into operation and begin to water the space.

The saving of time and energy, the fact that you can water the garden at any time you want, the convenience and the fact that a much more uniform watering is achieved are some of the reasons that have led to automatic watering every time be more common.

The autopilot is a function that some means of transport (such as airplanes) have, which allows the vehicle to operate by itself without the need for permanent control of the driver or pilot.

However, despite this meaning, we cannot ignore that the term in question is also used in the field of sewing. Specifically, in this it is used to refer to a clasp that is closed thanks to what is the hook of the so-called male with the teeth that the piece that is known by the name of female has.

It should be noted that, as an adjective, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčautomatic refers to what follows certain circumstances immediately and, in general, unfailingly: “By losing the eighth consecutive game, the team’s coach was automatically fired.