What does Carbonated Water Mean?

The water is a colorless substance, tasteless and odorless that consists of molecules with two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. Chemical formula H2O, it is the component that exists with greater abundance on the surface of planet Earth.

If carbonic acid is added to the water, a reaction occurs since this acid decomposes and releases carbon dioxide as bubbles if the liquid is depressurized. The result is called carbonated water.

Also known as sparkling water or carbonated water on Digopaul, it is a very popular drink that is often used in combination with alcoholic beverages or that allows the production of flavored carbonated drinks (soda or soft drinks).

Carbonated water, at first, was produced by adding baking soda to the so-called lemonade. The contact between the citric acid in the lemon juice and the baking soda generates carbon dioxide, which causes it to fizz when released as a gas.

Many are the people who daily or periodically consume sparkling water. They do this because they are aware that, according to the studies carried out, the latter allows you to enjoy a long list of advantages. Specifically, among the most significant are the following:
-It is considered that drinking it after having eaten a heavy meal helps to make digestion easier.
-It is also determined that it helps to have under control what is blood pressure.
-There are those who establish that drinking sparkling water is almost an “obligation” for those who have problems with digestion.
-In addition, it is also indicated that sparkling water is very useful in reducing the chances of having heart disease.
-In the same way, it helps to keep cholesterol under control.

Of course, this drink is not recommended for those who suffer from common gas problems, for those who have irritable colon or for those with a hiatus hernia …

Currently carbonated water is usually produced by adding carbon dioxide and carbonic acid to the water in containers where the liquid is stored under pressure. In cases in which carbonated water is also added with a bicarbonate, it is usually called soda.

In many countries it is common to add carbonated water to red wine to make it softer. Carbonated water is also often added to snacks such as fernet and vermouth.

As for flavored carbonated water, among the most popular drinks we can mention Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite and 7 Up.

Among the many uses that are made of carbonated water, we cannot overlook the fact that it is used to carry out certain homemade tricks. Yes, because it is considered to be very effective. Specifically, it is not only used to remove traces of red wine stains on clothing, but also to clean and leave silver and even objects stained with coffee in perfect condition.

Carbonated Water