What does Craving Mean?

The word craving is of Latin origin “ante oculum” which means “before the eyes” , by virtue of it, it can be said that craving is the craving, impulsive desire or desire of something, person or food.

Hearing the word craving immediately is related to a pregnant woman due to the indefinite cravings they feel during the 9 months of pregnancy and that must be fulfilled by the amounts of myths that exist, which when heard by the future mother feels I fear that it is true and that they are fulfilled, as for example: the baby will be born with dark or lunar spots on the skin or with an open mouth and, like these there are many more.

By virtue of the foregoing, the craving is dark or lunar spot that is attributed to him for not satisfying any craving especially the mother during pregnancy. Also, the expression craving encompasses thing, animal, person or food. In the case of a person, a woman can observe a baby and have a desire to have a child or see a car and have a desire or desire to have that car or an animal, among others.

The craving arises by the formation of mental images of objects, being or food that the human being knew in the past, likewise, the craving can come to mind by the association of the senses such as: the smell of an aroma, a sound, among others that can lead the person to remember, form a visual image and from that moment have a craving for something.

However, health experts indicate that the craving originates from the lack of essential nutrients for the organism of the human being and the brain sends messages that the individual receives as a craving, therefore, cravings that are not beneficial for Health can be replaced with other healthy foods that contain the nutrients that the body requires.

The craving is synonymous with: desire, longing, taste and caprice. The whim is a desire that the individual is formed for no apparent reason, it is a passing craving that can be seen as an impulse or harmless desire without serious consequences for the health of the human being and, by virtue of this, medicine has introduced cravings. Within the causes of the eating disorder, that is why a replacement of cravings for healthy foods should be sought.

In relation to the above, some examples can be cited in order to observe that if you can substitute cravings that are not beneficial to the health of the individual by other advantageous ones, in the case of having a desire to eat sweets it means a lack of absence of Omega 3 fatty acids or proteins for which a portion of fruits or whole grains can be ingested, in the case of having a craving to eat salty foods it can indicate a sodium deficit can be supplied by celery or cucumber and, so on, the indispensable thing is be willing to want to lead a healthy life based on a balanced diet

Likewise, cravings may appear due to certain situations that the individual is going through that causes stress, suffering, cravings, among others and, for him, the best way to reduce all suffering is to eat whatever he wants or desires, in these cases , experts recommend going to therapies, practicing yoga, meditating or any other sport that helps reduce stress in a healthy way and, not with the craving that are usually junk foods, that is, foods that negatively impact the health of the individual as they can generate: diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, etc.

With the word craving the phrase “craving for” is related to it hace it refers to the fact that things were done for the benefit and benefit of someone, in an arbitrary manner, that is, it did not take into account the opinions of the people who are around her, for example: “my daughter made her party as she pleased, she invited who she wanted and she said in her own way without asking me for a suggestion or what I thought.”

It is related to craving the expression craving is used in the third person and with some of the pronouns: se, me, te, nos, os, les, for example: “I wanted to eat an ice cream”, “you wanted to buy a car ”

Some antonyms of the word craving are: necessity, constancy.

On the other hand, the word craving translated into English “whim” or “fancy” as for example: “I have whim to see a movie” . On the other hand, if it refers to a craving during pregnancy it is “craving” , for example “she has cravings for italian food” and, “at will” is “to your taste”.