What does Definitive Mean?

The definitive adjective, which comes from the Latin word definitīvus, qualifies that which concludes, finishes off, resolves or consumes something. What is definitive cannot be reversed or left without effect.

For example: “The definitive closure of the premises will take place next Friday”, “The government promised to publish a definitive report on what happened during the disturbances, detailing the damage and the number of detainees”, “It is definitive: the German club He rejected the offer and announced that he will not sell the striker.

To study the etymology of this term it is necessary to refer to the verb define, which refers to “understand something precisely”. When we define a word or a problem, we expose a series of features that characterize them, we establish a series of limits that help us distinguish them from other things that are related to them. In the particular case of definitive, the suffix -ivo is added, which is used in the formation of adjectives and certain nouns that have the capacity to achieve what their base means, or that are inclined to do so.

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Take the case of a company facing a serious economic crisis. In the last year, so that its debt does not increase too much, it has been forced to lay off workers and limit itself to offering certain products in an attempt to cut costs. However, the company’s balance sheet remains negative. Faced with this situation, the owner announces the definitive cessation of its activities : this means that the company will no longer function.

Suppose, on the other hand, that two people are negotiating the sale of a car. The seller sets an initial price and then the person interested in buying the vehicle makes a lower offer. The negotiation continues with different proposals until the potential buyer decides to make a final offer, announcing that this price is final for him since he is not willing to pay another penny. This decision marks the end of the talks.

Within the framework of an electoral process, the count of votes with legal validity is called definitive scrutiny, which is carried out under the direction of an electoral judge. In this scrutiny the situation of the appealed and challenged votes is resolved. Once the appeals instances have been exhausted, the final count allows access to the final result of the elections, which determines the attribution of the positions.

The definitive term has become very popular in recent times, especially in the field of products such as movies, video games and electronic devices. In these cases, we speak of “the definitive version ” of something, to refer to one that has been reviewed by its creators, that has received the relevant error correction process and to which different features have been added that make it better than the original, to the point of being able to consider it “impeccable”.

While there are those who believe that the definitive version of a product is nothing more than an excuse to sell it again, there are also many fans who appreciate these new installments of their favorite movies, games or gadgets, with improvements and extra content that make them extremely popular. tempting. In the first two cases, it is customary for creators to add content that has never been published before.

The final version of a film, for example, usually includes unpublished scenes, which are presented without all the post-production layers present in the rest of the film, and often with on-screen annotations that give it a very close touch, since they take the audience into the editing room and give them a more accurate idea of ​​the effort that went into the project. There may also be actor biographies, interactive content, and commentary from the filmmakers.