What does Delay Mean?

Delay is called as the act and result of delay: delay, postpone, delay or defer. For example: “I am going to explain to the boss that the delay was due to a problem with my car”, “Excuse me for the delay, sir, but we had a problem in the kitchen: I will bring you your plate right away”, “The train left with a delay of half an hour ”.

The delay is linked to time, as can be seen in our previous examples. When an employee is late to work, they are late. The same can be said for the waiter who takes longer than usual to bring a plate to the table. On the other hand, if a train formation had to start a trip at 7:00 a.m. but left the station at 7:30 a.m., it was thirty minutes late.


Precisely in relation to this concept we have to establish that in Spain, for example, two time changes are made throughout the year. One, in the month of October, consists of turning the clock back one hour. The second, which takes place during the month of March, takes the clocks forward one hour. Changes that are carried out, according to the authorities, to take advantage of the greatest possible amount of natural light and save on energy.

These modifications must be taken into account that they usually affect the citizens’ bodies. Hence, until they adapt to the new schedule, they have to deal, above all, with problems falling asleep and getting adequate rest.

The idea of delay also appears with the failure to meet the agreed dates to make a certain payment: “The owner of the house told me that he would not tolerate more arrears in the payment of rent”, “What is the delay with the fee? We had agreed that you were going to pay me in the first five days of each month ”.

In the same way, it can happen that a worker has a notable delay in the performance of his functions. That is to say, that, due to different circumstances, he does not keep his work up to date and has many tasks behind.

Backwardness, on the other hand, can be associated with a lack of development: “The backwardness of this town is evident: it does not have drinking water or electricity”, “The country needs investments to get out of backwardness”, “To compete with foreign companies, we have to escape from technological backwardness “.

The notion of delay, finally, is linked to a delay in the start of the menstrual cycle. It can be due to a state of anxiety, an illness, a hormonal disorder or pregnancy.

However, they are not the only causes that can explain why a woman suffers a delay in her menstruation. Specifically, they can also generate this situation from an interruption of what is the contraceptive pill to a noticeable change in what is your weight or the existence of eating problems.

Likewise, they can also be responsible from the time the female is carrying out excessive physical activity until she is breastfeeding her child or has thyroid problems. And that’s without forgetting menopause or having what is known as polycystic ovaries.