What does Distilled Water Mean?

The substance made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom that is colorless, tasteless and odorless is called water. Distilling, on the other hand, is the act of filtering or separating a volatile substance from a fixed one through the application of heat and then cooling its vapor and turning it again into a liquid.

In the dictionary, the distilled water, therefore it is water that has been subjected to a distillation process that allowed clean and purify. In theory, this makes distilled water drinkable water, since it is a pure substance that only contains one oxygen atom and two hydrogen (H2O) atoms.

Many are the people who make the decision to transform what is the tap water from their houses into distilled water. For this they have at their fingertips a long list of options. However, among the most common processes to achieve this is the use of glass bottles, using what is a glass pot or container and even resorting directly to the domestic devices that exist for this purpose.

There are those who warn, however, about the supposed dangers of drinking distilled water. The truth is that the drinking water that comes out through the faucet usually contains small amounts of chlorine to eliminate microorganisms, and that bottled water includes different minerals as additives to improve its performance. Despite lacking these substances, distilled water is not dangerous.

Several studies affirm that the difference registered in the osmotic pressure of distilled water and mineralized water sold in bottles is minimal and does not pose any risk to health.

Beyond eventual human consumption, distilled water is used in batteries and in car radiators, in fabric cleaning and in irons, to name a few alternatives. It is also usually used in health centers since it is pure.

In addition to everything indicated, we can not ignore another long list of uses that are given to distilled water, among which the following can be highlighted:
-It is very effective when cleaning crystals, since they make them look radiant.
-There are those who resort to using this product to keep their aquarium in perfect condition.
-To use household appliances, in addition to the iron, such as kettles and humidifiers.
-It is considered that it is also really useful for watering plants, since it makes them grow healthy and strong and even make them look very radiant.
-In numerous beauty and aesthetic centers in general, the use of distilled water is used to carry out various treatments. We are referring specifically to what are facial cleansers that use water vapor to remove impurities and toxins.
-In the health field there are also people who use the water in question to shape what are natural and traditional remedies, such as poultices.

Distilled Water