What does Dreamcatcher Mean?

The term dreamcatcher is not part of the dictionary. Its use, however, is common to refer to an object that is attributed magical or mystical powers.

A dreamcatcher is a kind of hoop with a net and ornamental elements that is hung from a bed, a window, a door or a wall. It is said that this element acts as a filter dreams of the people: the positive dreams “cross” the network, while nightmares are trapped, and the next day, evaporated by light.


Dreamcatchers were devised by the Ojibwa people, an Aboriginal culture of North America. Starting in the 1960s, its popularity spread to other Aboriginal cultures in the region and their descendants. For a time, dream catchers were considered a symbol of aboriginal traditions, although they later became widespread and became a commercial product.

In addition to everything indicated, another series of important aspects must be taken into account in relation to the dreamcatcher:
-The usual thing, or at least in its origin, is that the ring that served as the base and protagonist of this element was made of wood. willow.
-The aforementioned ring comes to represent what the movements of the sun and the moon are.
-No less relevant is that the dreamcatcher was shaped by the aforementioned aboriginal people based on the figure of Asibikaashi. She was also known as “spider woman” and her job was none other than taking care of everyone, specifically, she approached the cradle of babies with the clear purpose of eliminating all the nightmares they might suffer.

Today dream catchers are sold as decorative objects all over the world. Many people, in this way, have dream catchers and do not even know the power that its creators attributed to this piece that often has feathers that hang from the hoop.

In the same way, we have to indicate that, in recent years, what has occurred is a notable increase in the number of people who have chosen to get a dreamcatcher tattooed somewhere on their body. In that case, of this tattoo we can highlight some peculiarities such as these:
-At a visual level, it is very attractive and striking.
-No less relevant is that it is original.
-Follow trends of gambling on tribal or ethnic grounds.
-In the same way, it must be emphasized that there are those who decide to tattoo this element on their bodies as a way to protect themselves from evil. That is, they see it as an amulet that protects them from bad energies, bad memories, from the “toxic people” they have had in their lives…

“Dreamcatcher”, on the other hand, is the title of the second album recorded by Carajo, an Argentine rock band. Released in 2004, the album features a song named the album and other songs such as “El error”, “De Frente al mar” and “Triste”. The presentation of “Dreamcatcher” was held in the City of Buenos Aires.