What does Friend Mean?

friend is a person with whom one keeps friendship. A friendship is an affective relationship between two people, built on the basis of reciprocity and regular treatment. Fundamental values ​​in a friendship are loyalty, love, solidarity, unconditionality, sincerity and commitment.

The word friend, as such, comes from the Latin amīcus, which in turn is derived from the Latin verb amāre, which means ‘to love’.

As a friend you can also designate what is considered friendly, that is, belonging or related to friendship: “You have been very friendly in receiving me without warning.”

The word friend can also be used to mean that someone likes something very much, or feels particularly willing towards a particular thing or issue: “José is a friend of coffee”, “I am not a friend of making loans”.

There is also the expression friend of the alien, which is nothing but a euphemism to refer to a thief or a thief.

Friend can also be used as a form of treatment, to show the interlocutor affection or willingness, even if there is no real friendship: “Friend, could you tell me where the cathedral is?”

In Grammar, on the other hand, a false friend is a false cognate, that is, two words of different languages ​​that are very similar to each other and that can generate confusion, since they have different meanings, which can lead to great misunderstandings when you are In the process of acquiring a language. An example of this is the words exit , in English, and success, in Spanish.

Types of friends

To differentiate the type of friendship you have with a person, there are expressions to distinguish the various degrees in which a friend is estimated.

Friends with benefits

It is also said that two people are friends with the right when they have carnal, frequent or sporadic access, without being in a formal relationship as such: “Victor and Claudia walk with friends with rights.” This type of relationship is also often called “friends with the right to rub”, or “friends with benefits.”

Close friend

The intimate friend is one who has access to the innermost part of you, to your thoughts, fears, emotions and concerns.

Imaginary friend

The imaginary friend is one who only exists in the imagination of who created it. It is very common in children, at an early age, to invent an imaginary friend who is a playmate, with whom he can talk and have fun when he is alone.

Virtual friend

The era of the internet has opened a new type of friendship: the virtual one. The internet friend or cyber friend is that person whom you do not know personally, but with whom you share tastes or interests, and a reciprocal affinity. Nowadays people often have cyber friends around the world, whom they regularly attend online. In general, virtual friendship is established in forums, public chat rooms or social networks.

Fake friend

False friends are those who are only for interest or convenience; because they believe that the friendship you provide could benefit them economically or socially. He is the kind of friend who leaves you when your situation changes, when things start to go wrong; to which you are not interested but that of you from which I can take advantage.

Best friend

The best friend is the one who accompanies you in bad times and in good times, he who expresses his friendship unconditionally, never asking for anything in return, who is loyal, honest and frank, and never leaves you. He is the true friend.

Secret friend

The secret friend is a popular game whose dynamic is that a group of people exchange gifts without knowing who the person (the secret friend) is going to give them. In this game, very popular especially at Christmas time, the participant only knows the name of the person to whom it is a gift. He usually sends candy during the enigma, until the final exchange, where the identities of the secret friend are exposed. He is also known as an invisible friend.