What does GRE Mean?

GRE stands for Graduate Records Exam according to abbreviationfinder. If you read the article “Learn more about the GRE test” and you still have doubts whether or not you will pass this test, do not be afraid. Not everything you will see in this test will be difficult.

It’s multiple choice

Regardless of how complicated a question is in the verbal reasoning or math section, you can always analyze the answers and evaluate which of them best fits the question.  Eliminating answers is a valid tactic for this exam In addition to the Analytical Writing section, the entire GRE is multiple choice; there are no questions to complete or short answers.

It is important to remember that there is no penalty for wrong answers, so if you have no idea how to solve a problem, give your best estimate and don’t worry.

Reading comprehension questions are objective

Questions that require you to read a passage on a specific topic and answer multiple questions about it may seem daunting, but they are often easier than you think.

This is because each question must be objectively correct In short, each question must have its answer in the passage itself. You will never have to solve a subjective question; you just have to read carefully and you will find what you are looking for.

What does GRE Mean

You do not need to have advanced mathematical knowledge

Although math questions on the GRE can be tricky, they actually test at a lower level of math than many other standardized tests. There are no trigonometry or calculus questions, so you won’t have to worry about these topics.

The GRE Quantitative Reasoning section only contains problems in algebra, geometry, data tables and graphs, and basic statistics. In the event that a long time has passed since your last math class, you will only have to review a limited set of concepts.

And if it wasn’t perfect, you’ll have access to an on-screen calculator during the Quantitative Reasoning sections so you don’t have to worry.

GMAT vs GRE What is your best option in the admission test?

Depending on the type of admission to the institute you want to enter, it is very likely that one of these types of tests will benefit you more than the other, so today we will talk about how to choose GMAT vs GRE.

With the GRE test becoming one of the most accepted options by institutions that offer MBA programs in the USA, applicants for this type of master’s degree increasingly turn their eyes and wonder if it is a better option than the already known GMAT, But what is the reality in this GMAT vs GRE battle?

A survey carried out in 2015 shows that 90% of the institutions that offer MBA programs in both the USA and the UK already accept the GRE test as an indicator that their applicants have the necessary skills to complete their programs and be accepted.

This change happened in just ten years since a decade ago, the institutions that accepted this type of test as valid in their selection processes, barely added a quarter of the total.

What is the advantage of being able to choose between the GMAT and the GRE?

The main answer is that after taking your simulation exams, you can know with certainty which one allows you to achieve a better score, which is why it represents a great advantage when applying to your MBA program.

Although both tests share similarities such as the duration of the test that ranges between 3.5 and 4 hours and that both are processed by a computerized system, the GRE test is mainly based on quantifying the verbal and written skills of the applicant, in addition to allowing you choose which scores will be sent to the institutions, while GMAT sends the non-canceled results of the last 5 years without asking.

It is evident that each test has its pros and cons and the choice will depend 100% on each student, for this we recommend you take the simulation exams and discover which test best suits your skills.