What does Interim CEO Mean?

The CEO is the chief executive officer of a company. In the event of his unexpected failure or departure, immediate action is required. But finding a suitable successor can take several months. In order to let this time work for you instead of against you, many companies decide at an early stage to work with an experienced interim manager (m/f/d). Experienced managing directors who have gone through and helped shape different corporate situations in their careers are an ideal interim solution until a long-term successor is found. The interim CEO fills the role of managing director with full responsibility.

Why employing an interim CEO is worthwhile

If the CEO suddenly drops out, an acute crisis situation arises, especially if there is no suitable successor to choose from. Interim managers are familiar with change management under difficult conditions and choose such situations for their everyday work. Experienced in crisis management, experienced in the management of companies and equipped with strong leadership skills, the interim CEO quickly finds his way into the existing situation and smooths out any waves with stabilizing and optimizing measures. Start-ups also like to fall back on an experienced interim CEO in the initial phase, who gives them the necessary jump-start by developing a vision for the company and transferring his extensive knowledge to the founders.

The interim CEO: tasks and requirements

According to abbreviationfinder, the choice of the interim CEO is not easy and should therefore not be the responsibility of a single person. Typically, the role involves working closely with the board and is democratically filled by a board. This can be done internally or externally. Sometimes there are sufficiently mature employees in the company who can be developed into the role of general manager. If this is not the case, however, or if additional skills are required in a specific area of ​​crisis management, the choice must fall on an external candidate. The interim CEO is responsible for the entire operation of the company and naturally strives for the greatest possible efficiency. After all, he is responsible for the success or failure of the company during his mandate and based on the measures he initiates. Based on analysis, he defines the goals and strategic orientation of the company, develops a vision and develops concepts for optimizing performance. He establishes areas, perhaps restructures others, or leads a team responsible for raising capital.

Since the interim CEO quickly familiarizes himself with the job and has the last word on decisions, it is not always easy for him to establish a standing with the entire workforce. He has to deal with initial resentments in character and convince the employees by improving the situation, good results and mutual success. The interim CEO can also make employees feel good through targeted employer branding activities contribute significantly. Developing the company into an attractive employer in turn has a positive and lasting effect on the quality of the employees and their motivation. Externally, the interim CEO must protect the face of the company and confidently represent it in public. In this respect, his work is also important for areas such as marketing and PR.

Find your interim CEO with persofactum interim

Whether for bridging a vacancy or temporary support for a company: an interim CEO must have strong skills in change and crisis management as well as a high level of leadership skills. In addition to experience and specialist knowledge, knowledge of the industry can also be very useful in order to manage a company profitably. We know the interim managers in our network and follow their careers. In this way, we can quickly find the right interim CEO for your company situation. Feel free to contact us without obligation.

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