What does Kid Alarm Clock Mean?

Children seem to have all the time in the world and, as a rule, should still be a long way from a well-timed everyday life in which the eye often wanders to the clock. But especially with the first official obligations, such as entering kindergarten or reaching school-leaving qualifications, many children look forward to learning to read the clock and being woken up on time for their appointments. Ideally from your own alarm clock, just as you can observe it with your parents and other “big ones” in your environment.

From what age is an alarm clock recommended for children?

As mentioned earlier, time is something that babies and toddlers don’t care much about at first. An awareness of the passage of time or the length of time is not fully developed at this age. In the advanced toddler age, i.e. usually between the third and fourth year of life, when the child deals with numbers and units on their own, the awareness of time also increases.

Frequently, questions about the length of a certain period of time also indicate that the child is beginning to develop a feeling for time and would like to deal more closely with the topic. As a rule, it is advisable to familiarize the child with the subject of time and reading clocks before they are ready for school. Whether this makes sense at the age of five or four depends on the individual development of your child and their interest in the topic.

An alarm clock that is placed in the children’s room can also be used if the child has not yet fully understood the concept of time and clock reading. If your offspring are little night owls or early risers, you can mark the desired times for the intended night’s rest on the alarm clock, for example with stickers or a pen and teach the child to stay in bed during this period and a Getting up during this period is not considered.

Alarm clocks for children and toddlers – what should you clock out for?

You can find out what you should look for when buying an alarm clock for the children’s room in our children’s alarm clock test. First of all, you should consider whether the children’s alarm clock should be operated digitally or analog. Experience shows that many children usually feel safer when the children’s alarm clock is operated digitally. The prerequisite here is of course that the child can already read the numbers used without any problems. If the children’s alarm clock is analog, it is more diverse. It is essential that the child already feels very safe while reading the clock. If this is to be learned together with the purchase of the children’s alarm clock, there are so-called learning alarm clocks in stores that make it easier to learn to read clocks. Children’s alarm clocks without ticking always go off as because the show that the models without a ticking noise are perceived as more pleasant both in everyday life and during the night. Sensitive children could have trouble falling asleep if the ticking sound is perceived as annoying. Other children perceive the quiet ticking as a pleasant background noise and do not want their alarm clock to operate silently. It is best to let your child decide whether the model should be silent.

Children’s alarm clock for young researchers

Toddlers love to explore their environment and always learn new things. Reading the clock is an important step on the way to independence and can be wonderfully learned by buying your own children’s alarm clock. The learning alarm clocks already mentioned receive a test in the children’s alarm clock always very good reviews because thanks to their clear and colorful dial they are very easy to read and remembering is so quick. Most of the time, the dial is divided into different colors to show which numbers belong in which corner of the clock. The numbers should be capitalized enough and in the form the child learns in school. For example, if the child learns to write a seven with a line in the middle at school or in kindergarten, they may have difficulty recognizing a seven without a line on the alarm clock and may mistake it for a one.

Advantages and disadvantages of a children’s alarm clock

  • helpful in developing a sense of time
  • large selection
  • kid-friendly designs
  • Some children find the ticking of an analog alarm clock annoying

The best children’s alarm clocks – popular brands

Some manufacturers have concentrated entirely on making alarm clocks suitable for children. Thus, as the Flik Flak Kids Ringer well as the Scout Alarm Clock enjoy are years of great analogy whether the children alarm clock or digital, without ticking sound, to wake with melody or alarm sound – commercially is for everyone the right model to find.

Children’s alarm clocks with projection are something very special. These throw the time and sometimes other pictures on the wall in the children’s room and are a real hit, especially at an overnight party. Children’s alarm clocks that wake up with a melody or play your child’s favorite song via mp3 also receive very good ratings. The following brands are particularly popular, and you can order them online in any well-stocked clock shop, such as paulwallclocks, and have them sent to your home by post:

  • Jacques Farel
  • Scout
  • Flik flak
  • Atlanta
  • Hama
  • Lego
  • The Spiegelburg
Company The Spiegelburg Flik flak Hama
Founding year 1992 1987 1923
Particularities · Trademark of the Coppenrath Verlag· offers various products for both children and adults · one of the first brands to bring children’s clocks to the market with a learning concept for reading clocks· belongs to the Swatch Group · especially known for the photo, audio, telecommunications and audio product lines· various international locations

Children’s alarm clock for young animal lovers or princesses – the perfect alarm clock for every child

The range of children’s alarm clocks is now broad. Regardless of whether you are looking for a children’s alarm clock for boys, girls or a neutral model – the manufacturers always come up with very beautiful models and designs that meet the tastes of today’s youth and pick up on current trends. Sports such as football are still very popular as motifs for boys, as are the evergreens dinosaurs or the fire brigade.

Tip! Alarm clocks that serve as merchandise for well-known film series, such as Star Wars, are very popular not only with children, but mostly also with their fathers, and the Lego children’s alarm clocks are real hits in children’s rooms.

Both boys and girls will appreciate the rooster or chicken-look alarm clocks that imitate a rooster wake-up call as a ringtone. Anyone looking for a more playful model is well advised with an alarm clock in the form of a butterfly or an article that is presented in the style of the ice queen and whose design picks up on the popular heroines of the film.

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