What does MBA Mean?

Many prospective Masters of Business Administrators consciously complete their studies near where they work or live. This clearly has practical advantages, but studying abroad can be more useful for expanding your later career. A stay outside the home broadens your horizons and enables you to acquire intercultural skills. You will also improve your foreign language skills.

Are there any disadvantages?

A great advantage of choosing a university close to where you live is the possibility of studying part-time. This means that the student can continue to pursue his or her job and thus receive a regular salary. Many people therefore prefer this variant. But there is also the possibility to complete part-time MBA courses abroad. Many foreign business schools and universities offer courses with short attendance phases. The course can therefore be completed as part of several short stays abroad. The disadvantages of this method are the longer travel distances and the additional costs for hotel stays.

Is a long stay abroad really worth it?

Even if it is possible to study part-time in another country, many students take the opportunity to combine their MBA with a long-term stay abroad. This gives you a deep insight into the culture of the respective country. Those who stay abroad for a long time learn the foreign language better because they use it not only when studying at the university, but also in their free time and in everyday life. Most courses take place in the international language of instruction, English. You not only improve your English as a communication language in general, but you also speak good business English after completing your studies, which can be very helpful in later business life.

It’s like having a truck driver’s license, to which an entire professional branch is linked: with excellent foreign language skills, you become, as a side effect, also interesting for translation service providers. After all, a translation agency for specialist translations also relies on the practical experience of specialists to translate specific technical texts, instead of qualified specialist translators. If you want, you can complete the MBA courses in the language of the host country, depending on availability, and acquire a second field of activity as a translator in addition to linguistic competence.

Is the study abroad recognized?

Short for Master of Business Administration listed on definitionexplorer, the MBA title acquired abroad is also internationally recognized. With their studies, they increase their professional qualifications worldwide. It is often even possible to establish professional contacts with colleagues abroad during your studies. They may open up new areas of responsibility on the world market. It has also happened several times that an MBA graduate completely moved his professional future abroad.

Where can I study abroad?

The most popular countries to study abroad for an MBA include Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. English is of course predominantly spoken here. An MBA is also possible in Asia, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Holland and Belgium. If you want to stay true to your native language, you can complete your studies in Austria or Switzerland and make first contacts there. In Switzerland in particular, the prospects of earning a Master of Business Administrator are often better than in Germany.

Finished your studies and what then?

Many people hope that their MBA degree will boost their careers. Indeed, there are completely new job prospects. Of course, this also means a potentially higher salary. How high this salary is depends on various factors. For example, the size of the company, the industry, the qualifications and also the country of study and previous professional experience play an important role. Ultimately, it also depends on the business school or the university where you graduated. Sometimes the school’s reputation outweighs the MBA earned.

What does MBA Mean

Master’s degree in addition to work

If you are already in the middle of your professional life and still want to start a part-time course, you should opt for a part-time master’s degree. A part-time course is the right thing for everyone who wants to continue their education. Acquiring new knowledge is not only important in primary school or high school, but for a lifetime. At work, employees with expert knowledge are needed and an increasing number of companies are urgently looking for them. Continuing education is more important than ever. The industry doesn’t really matter. It is not without reason that part-time studies gain great importance. Working people who are in the middle of their lives and who are already on their own two feet have the opportunity to carry out further training in a certain direction. An academic bachelor’s or master’s degree can be obtained in this way.

Learning never ends!
Anyone who believes that learning is over after leaving school is extremely mistaken. Even if the school or university has been completed, you certainly do not know everything that will be needed in the future job. In most professions, it is even mandatory to constantly improve the know-how, because things change very quickly in professional life too. Technical progress in particular is rapidly changing the world of work.

Almost all bosses therefore expect their employees to constantly renew their specialist knowledge. The best qualifications have long been a must. So it is lifelong learning. If you want to progress professionally, you should think about further training. Most people today believe that professional training is necessary. It hardly depends on the profession itself.

Vocational training pays off
If you want to go high in your job or are even aiming for a management position, you have to continuously train yourself. With every further education and with every degree, the chance on the job market increases. Further studies also offer better opportunities when it comes to salary negotiations. Naturally, this also increases self-confidence.

In addition, there is always a new opportunity in professional life where you can specialize in a certain field or area. Many people today do not stay with the same job for a lifetime, but switch. Perhaps you will only find out later what you really want to do or what you actually feel called to do.

If you want to change your division or simply want to demonstrate a better qualification, you can find a part-time degree. Hardly an adult can concentrate solely on studying, because ultimately money also has to be earned. However, part-time studies give you exactly this opportunity and you can manage to bring your studies and your job under one roof.

Thirst for knowledge should not end after school

Further education and studies can still be completed today if you have been in your professional life for a long time. Those who are in the middle of their working life and still want to start studying can take this path through a part-time course. So there is no excuse. Everyone should have the chance to get the best out of themselves professionally!