What does Needle Mean?

The dictionary recognizes more than thirty meanings of the term needle, which comes from the Latin language. The first meaning refers to an elongated and small element that ends in a point and which, thanks to having a hole through which a thread can be passed, is used to knit, embroider or sew.

For example: “Today Grandma taught me how to thread a needle”, “Don’t walk barefoot that I was sewing today and a needle fell that I couldn’t find”, “Do you have a needle and some thread? I need to sew a button on my shirt. ”

In the same way, we cannot overlook the existence of what is known as the Golden Needle Awards. There are two of these:
-First, in the Carnival of Cádiz and since 1991, this award has been presented to the group participant that surprises and captivates by their outfit.
-Secondly, the Golden Needle is a recognition given within the fashion sector in Spain. It was created in 2007 by the Ministry of Culture and aims to praise and praise the career and work of a creator in the world of design.

Certain hands and picks are also called a needle. This is the case of needles of the clock: “When the needles twelve o’clock mark, close the registration period”.

In addition we can not forget the needle that becomes a fundamental piece of any record player. Specifically, it is responsible for placing itself on the disc so that it begins to sound.

The hollow tube that is used attached to a syringe to inject or remove fluid from a body is called a needle. Usually made of stainless steel, these needles (known as hypodermic needles) are used to apply drugs or take blood samples from the body. To avoid spreading disease, needles have to be disposable: they are only used once and then discarded.

Fish and bird families and various plant species are also called needles. In Spain, on the other hand, calf steak is a gastronomic preparation that takes minced beef into a dough made with puff pastry. Continuing with the feeding, it is known as needles to the ribs of the front quarter of the cattle.

In recent times this type of meat, needle meat, has been in great demand and is increasingly praised. That is because it is very juicy and even quite tender. In the same way, we can not ignore the fact that it is considered great both for stewing and even for preparing it fried or grilled.

In this case, we can emphasize that there are many types of needles that exist, such as the following:
-Albardero, which are used to manufacture saddles.
-The shoemaker.
-The knitting ones, which have different thickness and diameter in each country.
-The ones to pack.